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-Yeah, I’m still doing the writing thing.
- No, it’s not just a hobby.
- I know there are tons of people.
- I didn’t expect it to be easy.
- It is a real job. I swear.


  1. The Final Soul

    “No one would ever expect to find it in a plain old jar. Seriously, look at it. There used to be strawberry Smuckers in it. It’s perfect.” He couldn’t believe the suggestion. There was absolutely no way that he was about to stor...

  2. Smoke and Ashes

    I can’t believe that I actually fell asleep. How could I do that? It was probably the dumbest thing I could do. Seriously. Before I even closed my eyes, I made it a point to turn on the tv and watch the news. It was 27 min of fire coverage and 3 ...

  3. The Cost Of A Drink

    I take a quick peek at my watch. A quarter ‘til two. Just late enough for the sun to saute me in my own juices. But still early enough where there’s a good chance that I might not get a bullet inserted in my brain, if I hurry and find what ...

  4. Threat (Mature)

  5. Trapped Here

    I wake with a start. But that can’t possibly be the right word for it. I haven’t moved a muscle in what feels like a lifetime. It’s been years I’m pretty certain. But then again, it might only be a matter of hours. It’s ju...

  6. Which Side?

    Shaun’s eyes were starting to burn. At that moment, he knew two things were true. He had gone through two packs in an hour. And the building was not moving any closer. He had no idea it would be this hard to just walk through the front doors. His pla...

  7. Surviving Among The Stars

    With each slow, deliberate breath, all she could think about was the fact that it would be nice to be able to panic. Unfortunately, that was an emotional luxury that escaped her. Her intense training at the space agency had taught her that survival in ...

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