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Hello everyone! It’s wonderful to be amongst so many creative minds. Thanks to everyone who brought this dream to life and to those who keep it going. I have been with Ficly for a long time, back when it had a different name. Those stories are in my graveyard.
Who am I? I was going to be a great artist, but that was kindergarten. Since then, my left brain has taken over, the lockstep drudgery of life having dulled my senses. I have not learned how to write, but I must try. I must try to free my soul.


  1. The Magic Reading Jar

    Mr. Mercer was a strange old man, and he didn’t stock many new books in his store. In fact, most of the ones he sold were out of print. When I asked him about it, he said that books contain timeless wisdom, and so they have no expiration date. Ne...

  2. Supreme Ruler

    “Monsieur President, you have a phone call,” an attendant announced. The President of France sat in a white, curved-plastic chair in a totally white room, watching a white television. He wore a sterile, white jumpsuit. He couldn’t tel...

  3. The Lonely Void

    Finally, all his time spent tinkering would prove useful for once. Vitally useful. Bob smiled to himself as he straightened his safety harness and pushed the ignition in his souped-up, two-seater ZX7. He had been working on this little hobby rocketship...

  4. red glow

    Boah slept uneasily that night in his cot as the waters rocked the Inscrutable to and fro like a baby in it’s cradle. He dreamed that he saw a glint of red light dart out the pocket of his pants hanging at the end of the cot. He opened his eyes. ...

  5. The Memorial

    Treebeard’s Ghost appeared out of the brush and lamented, “My ficlets! My poor ficlets!” “Shh,” Stovohobo interjected, “we don’t use that word anymore! It’s too painfull!” “No, not the new fic...

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