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I’m bubbley and crazy and just plain old me. Call me Triana, call me Teri, call me hey you over there, chances are I’ll ignore you anyway.

My grammar and puncuation is terrible and my spelling is little better so please excuse any of these problems and just read the stories.


  1. Red

    His hands were red. Red like the scene infront of him. She was dead. Lying there, her body twisted in the way only the dead can twist. A look of pure agony on her face as she lay in a pool of her own blood. She was his masterpiece. Everything was clear...

  2. Can I?

    I can change my hair (Right now it’s red) I can change my mind (I’m a girl after all) I can change my job (Though I probably won’t) I can change a man (Or convince myself I can) I can change where I live (I do that alot) I ca...

  3. A New Year's Poem

    The snow has stopped falling. It’s another new year. No more Sleigh Bells ringing, No more Christmas Cheer. The tree is all folded Away in it’s box. The baubles all smashed, The Cats found the lot. The presents all opened and I’m sure...

  4. Bring Me

    Save me from this normal life I beg of you Dear Sir Bring me something different Something to cause a stir Bring me wonder, Bring me hope Bring me tears of joy Bring me streams of loyal friends To laugh with, to annoy Bring me sound that makes me numb ...

  5. MVP

    Bounces off the ropes, kicks him in the face. Thinks he’s so great with his all in one suit and purple nasal strip. Pins him. 3 Count. God I really hate that guy.

  6. Tweet

    Man find box. Box contain Monster. Monster get free. Everyone screams. Monster eats man. Blood everywhere. Happy Monster.

  7. The Greatest Story Ever Told? (Alternate Ending Challenge) (Mature)

  8. Dreams

    His sleep speckled with black, He dreamt of the past. Of times not so bad. Though they seemed dark then, They were nothing compared to this new loneliness.

  9. Antonym Challenge

    Serenity. All is calm and quiet. Nothing is a miss. It’s completely perfect. It’s completely Blank. It’s completely Dull. I’m so bored. I can’t stand this. It’s Chaos.

  10. Numb (Mature)

  11. Camp Dead (Mature)

  12. I Hate Everything About You (Song Challenge) (Mature)

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