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  1. Six Strings of Heaven

    “Those some sharp threads you got on,” Leroy said to the well-dressed man. “Little warm for them though, isn’t it?” “i’m used to the heat,” he replied. “Mind if i sit a spell?” “Actually, I’d prefer you didn’t,...

  2. On the Button

    As I entered the curling club, I wanted to think of it a a field of battle, but it was just a long sheet of ice painted with lines and circles. It was hard to mythologize. The old man stood on the ice, right on the button. I walked quickly toward him, ...

  3. Raindrops Dancing Across the Edge of the Past (Mature)

  4. The Three Little Druids

    There were once three little druids who set out to find their fortune by building henges. The first little druid made his henge out of straw. But then along came a big, bad dragon, who huffed, and puffed, and burned that little henge down! The second l...

  5. Dragons

    “Dragons were never meant to breath fire,” Lisa said as she crushed the cigarette she was holding. “Originally, they were just large, magical reptiles that kidnapped princesses and terrorized people. Then someone decided that wasnR...