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  1. Maybe halve the time

    You’re a frustrated man. Some thoughts are for keeps, and in the bulk of discarded and mistreated developments he found two distinct items. One, my sense of estrangement. Some vindictive instinct that for a very long time you pushed and later pus...

  2. Parlor Fukuoka

    I have a taste for patience. But I rarely savor a taste. I know, as the ephemeral wind blows sublimity from due hosts to charlatans, the possibilities alive in plums, currants, cloves, and poison. I know taste, and afflictions rise in attraction, and t...

  3. She, lowered, rose into the kites

    Four of us sat at a table in a gray room, on dead chairs. Eileen continued, “It’s a human purpose. It’s a test to yourself. These can be ignored when younger but there are personal imperatives, social pressures to confront now.”...

  4. A moment for your thoughts

    There were minor pauses between the noise, enough even to gasp for a narrative that may elude a necessary connection between voices within and without himself. This was the moment where his flat’s door opened and closed behind him. Fancifully the...

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