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  1. Smile :)

    She looked forward to the family reunions. From the overstated ballroom, vintage champagne, exchange of gossip and display of wealth, the details never really differed. The mingling, sipping and chatter took one away from the triviality of everyday lif...

  2. Shine on me

    Cold. She felt cold. Distantly she was aware of the voices. If she listened intently she could make it out. They were asking her how she was. Was the blank stare not enough of an indication? She rather be curled up somewhere, quietly subsisting in her...

  3. Tattle-tail

    The house had always seemed solid. Safe. Dependable. There in summer or spring or mean winter. All she needed to do was to make a choice for it. And it was always yes. The seeking of a shelter made what little haven there was away from the rain was a...

  4. one ending

    Twelve letters never seemed so final.

  5. Teddy Tales

    I walk into my room, suitcases in hand. I think I expect the scent of oak polish rather than actually smelling it. I glance around and involuntarily, I feel the corners of my lips tilting upwards, the cream curtains, the dark red walls, the four-poster...

  6. fly

    Tears ran down her face as the last of the sun’s rays crossed the skies, kissing them and making it seem like she was crying tears of blood. She opened her eyes one last time to the beautiful scene that was laid before her. This was it, it would be o...

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