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http://agreenroom.wordpress.com/- Give my fictoblog a read. Just starting off the ground, Need the readers and the criticism. I’m young. I can play saxophone and piano. i have been composing for about a year now. I’ve been playing sax for about nine. I’ve been acting for about eleven. I’ve been in twelve productions (three were radio plays). I’m writing a comic book and love comics. I know how to draft and scene design as well. I am as thoroughly unemployed as eleven percent of America Also, visit my personal blog if you want: davidtiegen.wordpress.com


  1. Mud Music

    A gray lake winds itself across my eyes like spilt ink in my water glass. It drops through the cliffs and down to snaking vegetable, oily and fibrous. The crust forming a grave urchin’s tower down to the floor of the lake’s floor, where a d...

  2. #3

    Or maybe i’m looking in the wrong places to be excited, still. What do you say to the person who fears the absence of life in their life? Shakespeare gladly called life a stage and all us it’s players, but failed to mention whether the dire...

  3. #2

    Or, maybe past is a exponential term. What if every time we grieve, we grieve not only for that moment, but carrying every other moment we’ve grieved before it? That would make us some kind of train of memories barreling ever faster and rougher t...

  4. Brain suds and not-so-clean things. # 1

    I am not writing this for anyone to read this. If you do, okay. But it isn’t for you, it is just, well, here, to be out. Out of my brain engines. It may sound like nothing to you, but whatever i type, they’re just words for now. Present: Th...

  5. The Lion King in Ten Words.

    - - Orphan takes back empire using a fat pig and pyrotechnics.

  6. Monty Python and The Holy Grail in Ten Words

    British people act like old British people. Historically accurate. But, Silly.

  7. Narnia in Ten Words (Other)

    Lion. Witch. Wardrobe. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  8. Narnia in Ten Words

    “Whats this?” “A Magic Winter Wonderland!” Ice Queen “Cheeze it!!”

  9. Frankenstein in Ten Words

    OCD Professor. Living dead. “Green skinned bad guy!” Dead again.

  10. Wizard of Oz in Ten Words

    “We suck!” Goes on road “You don’t suck.” “We don’t!” (—————————————————————&#...

  11. Wizard of Oz in Ten Words

    Murder woman. Steal shoes. Build gang. Kill other woman. Home.

  12. Man; Observation for Desk of All Gods In Enquiry (2)

    They started catching on. The undergrounds known as Poolikesans think we are at the bottom of everything. They keep digging deeper than they should with their diamond tipped shovels, hitting volcanic vents, calling lava the potency of god. The up-groun...

  13. Bearing Loss

    When all is said we lay to rest and let the rest be said. Our things move south, our eyes to the mouth, and our fearing fingers goes straight to the no land toes. Physical becomes not. We are caught. And we always knew we would be. No matter who, wh...

  14. Man; Observation for Desk of All Gods In Enquiry (1)

    The life tree grows. The first thing I remember about humans is the yelling. At that point things were dark. Dark and boring, that’s what the stone age was. You wouldn’t believe the dialogue. It starts raining. They say: Rain. Then the others say: ...

  15. Mistakenly posted stuff here

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  16. What is Born From Fire

    No one knew there was a phoenix nest nearby. Or that today was the day of their rebirth. No one knew. Later, it would all seem poetic. A thousand fire birds die and then plume back to life in an explosion of flames, while the fire draws death closer to...

  17. When Men Become Numbers (Villain Challange)

    You see, the problem with people now a days is their numbers. There are too many. The problem with the world isn’t enough food, its that there isn’t enough death. There are the men who live and the ones who don’t. I am just a catalyst...

  18. Death Goes to the Public County Office. (Bangsian Challange)

    “I’m here to register for a passport.” A skeleton hand drops an ID onto the clerks counter. “Name?” “Death Necropol O’brian.” “Occupation?” “Killing things, mostly.” “What?&#...

  19. Sparks. (THX THX Challange)

    http://ficly.com/stories/3367 xcdfghjkl;’sdfghjkl;lkjhgfghjkljhghjkjhjk

  20. The Poet's Myth (Poet Origin Challange)

    Once upon a time there was a painter, a writer, and a musician. They lived upon separate mountain tops, perfecting their craft. Each the others’ inspiration, for you could hear the music flow through the mountain winds, and sheets of story floate...

  21. Form Letter Breakup (Challange)

    Felicity Daniels 10456 Raven Lane Chicago, IL 22348 Romantic Other #27 22345 Eagle Landing Chicago, IL 37712 Dear significant other 27, It is not everyday that a man takes me to CHUCKY CHEESE’S and surely I will never forget our WALK IN METROPOLITA...

  22. Acknowledgment. (Achievment Challenge) (Mature)

  23. Sparks.

    Fire is my favorite thing in the world. It is warm, bright, and soothing. It wraps itself in everything it touches, like a blanket of orange light. So powerful, yet so gentle. So fast, yet slow. Every curve of it’s flame a beautiful yellow arc, a...

  24. New Thought's About John (Six Word Novel) (Mature)

  25. Reprecussions (Roof Challenge)

    “You stupid boomerangs!” Yelled my boozed up uncle, as he tossed one boomerang after another into the night from our roof. Each one holding a memory of my mother, each throw a reminder she was gone. The trip was so long ago, but still its h...

  26. Too Old For This

    My eyes feel like gummed up dust in their sockets. They’ve seen so many things. So much time. All this suffering. A man can only stand watching his life once. Then he dies, right? Not me. I will keep living and living and living; collecting dust ...

  27. Every Man's Worst Nightmare (Six Word Challenge) (Mature)

  28. Implication (Six words)

    “What’s in the suitcase?” “Nothing safe.” oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  29. Ode to Spilt Milk (Eulogy)

    Oh. Oh. Oh. My Mil-il-ilk. Bright white like shining star. An elbow on the table and now you’re so far. Ohhhhhhh milk, we will miss you. We let the floor wet kiss you. So sad, my baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Oh. Oh. Oh. My Mil-il-ilk. Your fall make the La...

  30. War Amongst Impossibles (poetry Challange)

    Weaponhadrays cuckooed firedetonrees amongst Liver Bush, and the screams of Liverinians made the entire world go hush. Blood formed clouds weeping for all life in life. The sounds, the hush, the firedetonrees, A chaos of things, brought on by knife an...

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