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  1. Midnight IV

    He walked around the house and stopped at the back door. Laying her corpse in front of it, he sat beside her to wait once again. Finally, he could relax. He passed the few hours fussing with his coat, drifting in and out of sleep and at one point licki...

  2. Midnight III

    She wasn’t going to make it. With her air supply squelched and her blood oozing from several wounds her strength quickly waned. In moments she lay lifeless. He held his position a little longer, wanting to ensure she was truly extinguished. When ...

  3. Midnight II

    He could almost smell her. The wind blew once more, moving the thick branches of a tree in the yard and allowing the moon to cast a pale glow on the back steps. There she was, frozen in terror. The moon shone on her like a spotlight. She knew he was t...

  4. Midnight

    He hid low in the grass, waiting for her. It was a cool, clear night. The soft moonlight was the only thing illuminating his surroundings. He was confident that the black coat he always wore was keeping him well concealed. He took great pride in mainta...

  5. Free

    “John,” her words were laden with supplication, “they killed my brother. They go from town to town, terrorizing, destroying. It has to stop. And I can stop them. They’re on this idiotic search of theirs, they’re distracted...

  6. No Time for Games

    Straw shook his head in disgust. He stood and walked to the window, turning his back to Bella. “I was set to marry Olsen’s daughter, you know, before you.” “Is that so?” Bella asked softly, thinking of the skinny waif that...

  7. Very Much Alive

    “Madam, please!” Claire pushed him back to the bed impatiently. “Young man, there is much to tell and you are exhausted. You’ve barely been awake an hour and your injuries were not simply scratches!” Mason opened his mouth...

  8. Random Act of Violence

    The man spoke. “Seems a waste to go to all this trouble and achieve so little…” He made to leave then. But before riding off he glanced over his shoulder and said airily, “Kill the shortest.” The soldier to Mason’s right swiftly pu...

  9. Three Little Pigs (know it was already done, couldn't resist :S)

    Build your house with bricks, never with straw or sticks. Fin

  10. Last Chance

    It happened in an instant. Before Straw could lift his gun, Bella let off two rounds. One hit the sheriff’s hand, which immediately dropped the gun and flew up in protest. The other hit his shoulder, knocking him backwards to the ground. His head...

  11. Don't Blink

    Dirt blew up in the space between them, as though trying to clear the way. Neither dropped their gaze as it flitted around them. The awkward deputy made a futile attempt at blinking the dust from his eyes, and his gun arm flinched as he clearly struggl...

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