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  1. To write, perchance to hallucinate

    She sighed and rubbed her exhausted eyes after she crossed out another disappointing dialogue from her notebook. The clock had announced that it was past midnight and she had nothing to show for it. A hundred story ideas in her head at any moment and a...

  2. Faster round the bloody spiral

    A small shadowy figure kneeled in the attic corner with only a dim candle illuminating her alabaster face. Outside a wicked summer storm howled across the midnight sky. The whole house groaned at the force of it but the girl paid it no heed. Round and ...

  3. Rider in the Sand

    The troops were moving slowly now, baking in the hot desert sun at midday. Everything and everyone was covered in a heavy layer of sweat and sand grit. The general, atop his steed, wearily adjusted the sword at his side and checked his maps once more. ...

  4. Contained

    Andraste’s feet were nearly inaudible as they padded slowly down one of the long grey and blue metal corridors that wove their way through guts of the massive vessel. She wore only her sleepware, but her sword was still safely strapped in the sheath ...

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