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In plain terms I am Sarah. I am a junior, 16, and the now resurrected Zombie Princess of Awesomness! Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!

My muse has been vacationing for the past year…in China. She’s learned how to speak Chinese and I don’t think she wants to switch back to English any time soon. This makes communication with her very hard as I don’t speak Chinese…but I’m trying to reconnect with her!

I’m a drama geek, nerd, dork, anything along those lines. I love writing fantasy and have trouble with limits. I have a nasty habit of writing little beginnings of things and then abandoning them. In my opinion, my beginnings are good and then everything else I write sort of diminishes the story. I’m a big fan of music also and most of my good pieces were written while listening to my favorite bands:
Tokio Hotel
Panic! at the Disco
The Holliboyz
Fall Out Boy
Adam Lambert

Comments, Sequels, and Prequels appreciated. I’d also love some good constructive criticism from everyone and anyone.


  1. With Great Power

    “I don’t want to do this,” I whispered as he took my hands and placed them on either side of his head. Involuntarily, I entangled my fingers in his dark, curly hair. It was like I couldn’t resist this small touch. He smiled and ...

  2. Fading Memories

    Ten minutes after I had braced myself to enter, I timidly knocked on the dark, oak door to my father’s study, praying to God he wasn’t in. My hopes and dreams were dashed as my father’s booming voice cried, “We’ve been wai...

  3. Sterilized Fear

    My heart beats faster as the nurse babbles on. I, personally, could care less about your son’s first steps. I also don’t care that your daughter wants a car for her sixteenth birthday. It seems to me that if you have children you’re a...

  4. My Legacy

    The middle finger had never been in insult here. At least, not until I’d come around. It hadn’t caught on everywhere but I had seen a couple of the maids flipping off a certain noble behind his back throughout the castle. I couldn’t h...

  5. Rainy Nights

    Rain glanced out her window and tears fell down her face to match the raindrops on her window. Everytime she cried it rained. This time was worse; it was a full storm. She looked out her window and gazed, mesmerized, at all the city lights. Usually she...

  6. It Wasn't Much

    “Nu-uu-uh,” Lisa closed her eyes and concentrated on the tune in her head, “Down up down.” It had come to her in math. She opened her eyes when a loud voice called out to her. “Lisa, will you just shut up?” She tried to fix a glare on her f...

  7. Then She Was Gone

    Lightning streaked across the sky. Emma watched it from her lonesome perch on the side of the lake. A burst of wind whipped her face and she sighed. ‘A perfect day turned into this?’ She heard the voices of the search party but preffered to stay by...

  8. You Can Never Hide Enough

    I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and Drae whispered into my ear, “Nicely done, Princess. If only you’d had this much tact during our last adventure. We could’ve avoided a lot of fights if you had waited til the person left t...

  9. The Health Department's Revenge

    Kyra wiped the sweat off her forehead and hugged the wall as she crept forward, an inch a minute. The alley she was in had the faint lingering smell of tofu and rice. She shuddered, thinking of the peas and liver that were undoubtedly waiting in her ap...

  10. Presentation is Everything

    His voice is like sandpaper. I artfully disguised my smirk as a small cough. Imagine my shock when I walked into a meeting instead of my parents’ dinner. My eyelids started to droop and I struggled to keep them open. I felt like I was at that Chu...

  11. Realizations

    She smirked at the ground as it drew closer, completely confident of her ability to snap out her wings at the last second and catch herself. She prepared for it, the opportune moment when she was but an inch from the ground. As she got closer, she trie...

  12. Free Dreams

    Her giant black wings unfurled behind her and she grinned in elation as she took the one step that carried her from the safety of ground to the abyss that loomed in front of her. She just let herself fall, at first. Then, halfway down the cliff, she an...

  13. The Dark

    The wounded cried out in agony and Fay wondered if she had done the right thing. She wandered to wherever the cries were loudest and tried to offer what help she could. In the end, more died than lived. Every wound felt like a tear in Fay’s heart...

  14. Just Another Fight

    I collapsed on my bed in exhaustion. It was never just my family. I heard a knock on the door and muttered, ‘Go away,’ into my pillow. The door creaked open and I felt a new weight on the bed. “Sorry,” Drae whispered. I peeked o...

  15. Remember Me

    Drae grinned and pulled me up onto my feet. “Relax,” he told me as he led me to two horses I hadn’t noticed before. Both had the royal seal on them and I gently rubbed Shishoni’s nose when I recognized her dotted coat. Drae was ...

  16. Reunions

    I immediately jumped up and ran around the little clearing we were in, touching everything I could. It was like I needed more reassurance that this was all real. I think I would’ve kept on trying to convince myself if I hadn’t heard the flu...

  17. Back

    A messy array of blue hair and muddy brown eyes hung over me and I saw a brief flash of white as the guy smiled. The rational part of my mind was always slower than the part that controlled my body so I didn’t recognize the mischievious twinkle i...

  18. Just the Right Words

    There’s nothing like the feeling of pride you get when you see your published work. It’s always worth it when you find that the hours of emotion and ceaseless self-criticism you put into a character and their trials actually ended in someth...

  19. Hope

    Sometimes I dream in all Black and White… I stretched out my arms and leapt, cat-like, out of my bed. The long carpet tickled my toes and I smiled the kind of smile you have on good mornings when nothing’s ever wrong. Even my normal, boring...

  20. A New Beginning

    I woke up feeling like I was about to crash. My head hurt, my stomach hurt, and the underside of my left knee hurt. I’m still not sure why, but it did. I threw the old pink Barbie sheets off of me and pushed myself into a sitting position. Those ...

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