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  1. Origin: Memories

    “Why is all this here?” Shaw looked over the mausoleum of ancient statues. Great war machines and colossal guardians in permanent attention lined the dusty floor as far as the eye could see. “It was once needed.” Ishmael guided...

  2. Family (Mature)

  3. Origin

    “Scanning bio signature.” A man in the distance shone a light in the diver’s face. “Hello? Who are you?” He tried to block the light coming at him with his hand. “How did you get down here? I thought I was supposed ...

  4. Rabid Dogs

    “I don’t blame you.” “Blame me for what?” “For not wanting to be out here alone.” “Who said I was afraid to be out here alone?” “No one said anything about you being afraid.” The old ma...

  5. Entitlement

    “Old Freeman did that to you boys?” Half the boys replied, “Yes sir,” the other half simply nodded. None of them made eye contact. “Well I’ll be damned.” The father continued to slice his meat and potatoes. &#...

  6. Building (Mature)

  7. Figuring it out (Mature)

  8. You will be Forgotten

    I stood there, at the precipice of self-annihilation, looking down at the sea of sorrows ready to swallow me whole. I made no effort to keep my balance; only the wind kept me swaying back and forth. Only fate could save me or condemn me. The clouds for...

  9. Atypical Bike Ride (Mature)

  10. Dreams

    Sometimes I have dreams of ecstasy where places they take me breathlessly. Sometimes they console me fictitiously when I wake up incidentally. The incessant fabrication of loveliness is never too less to convalesce. For my waking life is nevertheless...

  11. Hard of Believing

    It’s easy to take for granted some of the bad qualities in us. The first real conversation I had with one of them was quite shockingly addictive. The man had a way of holding your attention in a way you wouldn’t believe. He told me of all t...

  12. Waking up Dead

    I’m alive. I think. I mean I think I’m alive. What I mean to say is I think I’m alive, and so I must be alive if I think it. … Pretty sure I’m alive. But this isn’t how I remember being alive. I’ve only just wo...

  13. Duality

    Within, there are two parts to everything. In love — apathy. In hate — tolerance. In passion — disinterest. In acceptance — ignorance. In life – stagnation. In death — existence. Within, life has a shadowed side to e...

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