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simply put… I love the rain and have recuntly had a new found interest in reading. I play the piano and love the water. :) i had already had a ficly acount but due to some unfortunate events i forgot my password so i made a new one.


  1. Unfamiliar faces- 2

    A full on panic rushed through me, i could feel my legs freeze up and my eyes getting caught in a distant stare. I stood there frozen and unmovable.I could see the distant lights of cars becoming brighter and brighter but i just stood there, about to g...

  2. Unfamiliar faces

    We were running through the streets hodling hands, laughing and giggling. The dark, starry sky hung over us like a huge blanket.The young man next to me was not the face of someone who i had know all my life, but rather a face that was new.I had meet t...

  3. BIG

    “Fee Fi Fo Fum! Im going to crush you! Just for fun! HAHAHA” laughed the horrendous giant as it made its way to the castle walls. Its toes smashed the village houses like twigs leaving nothing but a foot print. " Quick! Fire the arrows!" ...

  4. The LITTLE things

    We both layed, barefoot in the grass, looking at the sky. It was a clear day with no clouds. For a chance it was nice to hang out for a while. I mean, with my little brother, i wasnt running around the house chasing him, screaming at the top of my lung...

  5. Now that your gone

    Now that your gone, I feel so lonely. Im missing your smile, Missing your voice, Hoping for the day when i will see you again. It seemed like i knew you my whole life, When it simply was a month. A month, Such a short period of time. How long dose it...

  6. My day with Princess BLT

    MY DAY WITH PRINCESS BLT (Binky Lemontwist) woke up at BLT’s house (weird) eat frosted flakes with strwberries… classy we’re off!! inviting all you people out there to a convention :D rain… rain… rain myyy house bro! when there’s nothing to...

  7. The Funral

    nhcfjdhjvmzj vfdiv ndjvjmzhvkdujvnsivn sk… My feelings exactly on that tragic day. The tiny, rock tumbstone read: Noodles January 7, 2012- June 20, 2012 A good mouse It was a rainy day, ironically appropriate. My friends and me marched glumly across...

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