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  1. They Need You

    “The guards will escort you to the orphanage to gather the subjects. You will ensure the orphans are trusting, seeing as you have gained it from them. You are to return immediately. We begin upon your arrival. I will be waiting” Thompson sn...

  2. Confirmation

    As the Doctor rushes to finish the alterations to the original drug, he is suddenly interrupted by Thompson and 3 of his guards. He is early. And this floods the Doc with fear and anxiety. " What’s wrong Doctor? You seem unusually nervous.&...

  3. With Us or Against Us

    “Wait, you mean to tell me that this is all bullshit? Smoke and mirrors. We are nothing more than toy soldiers? This can’t be true.” James replies to the story explained to him. “Sort of ya. Except we are expected to be the kill...

  4. The Plan

    As the Doctor tells the whole story about his birth the labs, his parents, the drug and what it does, Zeus. Junior is finding it hard to believe. And begins to question his entire life. But relents any doubt due to his total trust in what the Doctor sa...

  5. The Truth

    “What’s up doc?” Junior asks without realizing the comedy behind the phrase. “We aren’t due for the flu shot for another few days” he adds. “Oh…what? Flu shot…right uh no I’m not here for tha...

  6. The First Born

    The orphanage is located on the outskirts of the island. Detached from the main testing facility and labs. The building resembles a dormitory, and houses the islands future human test subjects. The walls are devoid of any artwork, save for the occasion...

  7. The betrayal

    " They plan to kill you." The words rush through the Doctors head. " what the hell was that?" He thinks to himself in sudden fear. " You are in danger, you must act quickly." The voice almost pleading. The realization tha...

  8. Phase 2 (Mature)

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