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I love writing but I am scared to show it to people, so I just post it on here


  1. Laughing God

    I’m drowning in the lies you told me, praying to God that they are true. but guess what? he laughed at me for loving you.

  2. Fake Love

    My tears have turned to blood and my body is numb. I’m puking up your smiles and fake love, because I can’t take it anymore. but still nothing’s changed and you’re still in my veins…

  3. Odd Beauty (small writing about myself)

    I find the beauty in myself in the oddest ways like as I lay completely still in the bathtub, the water just barely ripples over my skin and it’s quiet. I am left all alone and it’s just my body there. I gently cup my hands over my wide hip...

  4. Him.

    The smell of him lingers around me. His smile burned into my memory. I feel his hands slip down my back to my waist. As he pulls me closer, I feel his lips against my shoulder. He holds me tight. For once I don’t feel alone. I’m falling for...

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