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i write poetry and watch too much television. i like to haunt my online haunts with alarming frequency. i play too much bejeweled blitz and write daily at my site. tea is now my constant morning drink. i’m attached to my iphone. i will stay up until 3am to read a romance novel. my dogs think they keep me in check and my hubby surely does. i believe it’s all about living, laughing, and loving. you know, like that song..


  1. she knows his kind

    The easy smile, the twinkling blue eyes, the body fit and tempting all meant a man just out of her reach. But she knew his kind. He was the exact kind who would never look her way unless he was having a bad day. And he was the kind who never had a bad ...

  2. all meant for him

    He thinks he knows her but he doesn’t. He thinks he knows exactly what she wants but watching her now he realized he didn’t know a single thing about her. If she cared about him, and he knew that that she did, why was she smiling at that gu...

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