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I’m a screenwriter by nature, so stick with me if I slip up and start writing third person, present tense. I use this site mainly as a bounce board for ideas and an inspection into characters. Kick it.


  1. The Legend of Johnny Irish: Prologue

    The thing about legends is that you never know when one is staring you right in the face. You wouldn’t know it at the time, but when you look back you’ll have felt something different; something in the air that tells you that you’re i...

  2. The Legend of Johnny Irish #5

    “What do you fight for?” Asks John between licks of his ice cream cone. He looks just as goofy as ever: still shirtless and in his training shorts, but wearing a leather jacket now. We are walking back to the gym. “Myself”, I an...

  3. The Legend of Johnny Irish (Mature)

  4. Westward

    “It’s beautiful.” “For all the wrong reasons”, I responded as I lit my cigarette and flicked the still burning match over the edge of the moving train. “It’s still beautiful”, said James defensively. R...

  5. The Legend of Johnny Irish #4 (Mature)

  6. The Legend of Johnny Irish #3 (Mature)

  7. The Legend of Johnny Irish #2 (Mature)

  8. The Fisherman, The Writer

    He reached into his bait box and pulled out a live worm. Placing it still-writhing onto his hook, he spoke. “I guess I’m a different type of fisherman. The way I see it, all the stories are already up there, and it’s my job to find th...

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