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Yorick was born under a full moon during a thunderstorm on Friday the 13th in the year 666 AD. Some words that rhyme with his name are pyloric, caloric, historic and Katie Couric. As of this date Yorick has no plans to run for president in 2012.


  1. The Treasure

    We Laugh. This is my treasure. Meeting my sixty character minimum blows. <Bonus six word hate poem

  2. Cut/Paste

    He knew he was not made for this. What had happened was outside his operating parameters, yet it was not any less done. Still warm blood, now on the floor, touched his feet and he recoiled. Somehow this made him think of his father, his creator, his bu...

  3. Inspired

    His brand new addiction was taking root in his psyche. He had churned out story after story, bound within a sphere whose dimensions were all one kilobyte. After several hours the stories stopped coming. The people he could see only in the window of his...

  4. Boba in Wonderland

    The bounty hunter had been falling for too long. He knew Solo, or one of his friends, had gotten the better of him and had been falling long enough to curse the troublesome smuggler and himself for it. When he stopped falling he was not where he though...

  5. Myth

    Sea and Moon were lovers once. They were one, moving through the nether, each completing the other, made for each other. Both knew they would be together forever, but it was not so. Moon and Sea soon found themselves near a new world neither of them ha...

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