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  1. Thinning the Ranks

    The soldier on the left flank cried out. A huge spider burst up from a hidden burrow and crushed him with its powerful front legs. The blow stunned the young man and the fangs finished the job. Shots rang out from the Lieutenants two remaining troops, ...

  2. Renewed Purpose

    The remaining soldiers stared in disbelief. They’d been told what they were up against before they started, but the shock of what had just transpired shook every man to his core. Their friend had been there one moment and then gone as fast as the...

  3. First Blood

    Heavy rain fell through the trees and made their flashlights almost useless. The squad pressed on as the wind picked up as well. Lightning flashed as what started as a shower turned into an all out downpour. The Lieutenant was concerned. The map had sh...

  4. Continued Search

    The barking dogs brought the Lieutenant back to the task at hand. They had served their purpose, no reason to keep them in danger. He looked back to the Private holding the leashes, his face was pale, his eyes darting everywhere as he tried to take in ...

  5. Another Missing Person

    The dark clouds parted just enough so that the moon cast its light down through the trees. It was a terrible time for a search, the Lieutenant knew, but he had orders to find the missing person. The report revealed that she was 12 and had been abducted...

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K'Kruhk's Followers (2)

  • Magus Kyros
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