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Amateur author and animator. Mainly focussed on science fiction and urban fantasy.


  1. The Street Finds Its Own Uses (Pt. 4)

    The side of the parking garage across from the building was bedecked with equipment. The lion’s share, by mass at any rate, was in the form of large loudspeakers, attached unobtrusively to the walls. They played, at volume loud enough to deafen t...

  2. The Street Finds Its Own Uses (Pt. 3)

    She was Mike Kelly, an old friend from college. The phone turned on, activating his headset. “So, I heard you were in town?” He could practically hear her intense grin over the phone. She worked in a business whose precise function he still...

  3. The Street Finds Its Own Uses (Pt. 2)

    Five hours later and five miles east, Ryan Gonçalves stared into his drink at an airport bar in Nashville. The bar was disgustingly new and trendy, with its former earth tones phased out in favour of post-Starbucks decor, all garish off-whites and red...

  4. The Street Finds Its Own Uses (Pt. 1)

    The sky over Nashville was still pitch-black, even at five in the morning, with forty-five minutes to sunup and a clear sky. They made their way to a parking garage Downtown, a few blocks from the half-built visage of the Paramount, with forged securit...