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I have consumed copious quantities of fiction. I would now like to offer some of my own. By joining into the creative cycle of giving and receiving, I hope to improve my skills as a writer, but also to improve myself as a reader.


  1. Amateur Sleuths?

    Hey, I need help finding a murderer. Here’s a picture of my death. See anything odd or weird? Thanks for the <3 uuu.instagram.//98304

  2. A Defining Hue

    I padded through the piles of fallen leaves. By then, most of the leaves had turned from the deep wine purple of summer to the royal purple of autumn. A few trees had even hastened to their seasonal demise, and their leaves faded to the blue violet of ...

  3. The Last Goodbye

    They say there’s only enough time for one more message. I guess I need to make it count. I’m supposed to tell you how much I love you and how I don’t regret a moment of my time spent with you, but its kind of pointless. I regret the ...

  4. Deployed, Permanantly

    “Hey Melany.” Jim’s voice was tight and rough over the phone. “Are you alone?” I looked at my friends around the room, chattering and laughing. “Um, no?” “Good. I, uh, don’t really know how to say t...

  5. Don't Bother

    The woman began to prepare a cup of tea with the practiced gestures of a familiar art. She was seated in the conservatory with a tea trolley next to her.The jungle of exotic, potted plants that surrounded her basked in the sunlight that shone through t...

  6. A Little Help Here

    “I see” said Bob, stupidly. They’re in the rhubarb patch," Steven said absently as he searched for a wrench. “The midget doesn’t like cat hair in her pink celery pie.” “That’s not an appropriate name...

  7. Why Me?

    She felt her life start to crumble around her. Despair emanated from her bones and bleakly colored her past, present and future. It was over. Everything, even life itself, was just done. She didn’t see the point in trying; everything in the end would...

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