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I come and sit in the evening, thinking about my day. Wondering what I could write about. Trying to think of something interesting, something that would be appealing to others.

But my writing can be great, or it can be completey weird.

So read at your own risk (:

I am a teenage girl who cannot match up to the wonderful writers on this site. But I try.

I am my own person. I will not judge a book by it’s cover, and I’m generally easy to talk to.

And to make it fairly simple, I love to write.


  1. I Love This Place

    This is where I belong Where I want to be All my life I have been blinded But now I can see This is where my heart is My home sweet home I’ve had this place my whole life I really should of known I need you here You need me too Theres no turning ...

  2. Oops. (Mature)

  3. Remember

    maybe one day when the world is old & gray and you’re cold & alone. or maybe, i hope. you’ll look back and find some girl quiet but kind. that girl will be me and maybe you’ll see what we could of been what we really can b...

  4. Just a Dog

    I laid on the floor, wishing I had opposable fingers, or what not, to plug my ears. But I was a dog, and nothing more than that. They thought I thought it was funny, but truthfully, it was plain annoying. I didn’t know who made it up, or what pos...

  5. The Silence is Deafening

    I starred off into the distance, refusing to meet my mother’s gaze. She had some strange look in her eyes. She wasn’t upset, or mad, she was disappointed. Disappointed in me. I was very shy, while you could call my own mother a social butte...

  6. Once in a Lifetime

    “Let’s do it again!” James yelped as we made our way off of the ramp, leading down to the ground. I shook my head violently. “Not in this lifetime.” He laughed. I literally got down on my knees and kissed the pavement, wh...

  7. Five Words

    “Cereal?” I asked, astonished. “There are hundreds of millions of words you could have chosen, and you choose cereal for a stupid game of hang man.” James smiled a wide smile, trying to get his point across…something along...

  8. The Summer my Daddy used the Baseball Bat

    I’ve had this idea for a while, but it really came to life when I listened to a song called White Houses by Vanessa Carlton. It really inspired me to write, and I hope you like my idea (: ~ I sat in the front seat of my mother’s station w...

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