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A songbird singing sweetly in a gilded cage. Not so much gilded as rusted. And not so much sweetly as howling in rage. Also, perhaps less a bird and more like a mountain lion/hippo/alligator thing. Still , caged though.


  1. Unfortunate (Cliche Challenge) (Mature)

  2. Life in Solitary

    i pull on the bars with idle hands distant eyes paint flakes off where the wraith of my rebellion has rubbed away the time floating outside staring up at the sky fifteen degrees of freedom in a circle without end another cup drains mnemosyne and leth...

  3. The Key to a Better Life (Odd Superpower Challenge)

    “How about that one?” “Too bouncy.” “And her?” “Too sprightly.” “That one. Look, you can see the bags and everything.” Edhra looked him over. He did have all the signs; walking a bit stiff, an...

  4. This Is a Test

    “Wrong answer.” The white slipper drove into my side. “We had a deal. Everybody dives.” “Everybody but you.” Another kick, a soft snap inside me. “We voted. Didn’t we vote, Buckley?” Buckley nodded,...

  5. Smart Mouth

    It wasn’t so much the fist that hurt, balled up fingers with with just a trace of fine black hair on the knuckles, to be honest, I barely felt it. It was the helplessness, the injustice of it all that hammered home. The why was only a number, a p...

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