INTERWRIT2 Exercise: Sequel to a Stranger

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Pick any story on Ficly that appeals to you—0r a poem—and below it click on the “sequel” button. Continue the story or respond to it, doing your best to emulate the same style as the original story. When you’ve published it, please copy the URL of the sequel you wrote and give it to me as a comment on this page.

  • Started May 30th, 2013.
  • Ended July 1st, 2013.
  • Created by Scurvy Swab

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar Scurvy Swab

    Thank you all for writing these! :D

  2. Avatar s13 Interwrit 009 Licco

    The link is my sequel. ____

  3. Avatar s13 Interwrit 016 Kiki

    B10041016 黃昭琪
    That’s the link to my article, thank you!

  4. Avatar s13 Interwrit 005 Erica

    I made a comment under this. Thank you.

  5. Avatar s13 Interwrit 019 Eddie

    The link is my article.
    B10041019 許哲旻 Eddie

  6. Avatar s13 Interwrit 9841019 Zoe

    9841019 余佳昕 Zoe

  7. Avatar s13 Interwrit 033 James

    The link above is my sequel, and sincerely thank you for teaching.
    (B10041033 James)

  8. Avatar s13 Interwrit 030 Bryan

    B10041030 黃柏瑋 Bryan
    The link is my sequel. Hope you would like it.

  9. Avatar s13 Interwrit 9936024 Linda

    9936024 陳俐君 Linda L. Chen
    Sorry for the delay!

  10. Avatar s13 Interwrit 012 Jean

    B10041012 陳采均 Jean Chen

    The following would be the link of my story. Thank you!

  11. Avatar S13 Interwrit 031 Albee

    B10041031 林鈺珠 Albee
    The link is my article.

  12. Avatar s13 Interwrit 032 Jessie

    B10041032 陳婕文 my story link:

  13. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I don’t mind my stories being sequeled….. Hint hint. :P

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