Keeping In Touch Beyond Ficly

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I joined this site in early 2010, when I heard about it through another author on here, Steve Saylor.
Since then, I’ve had two accounts, over 30 followers, written well over 150 stories (including one massively complex sci-fi time-travel saga), and read so very many awesome stories by so very many awesome writers on here.
So when Ficly is no more, would some (if not all) of you like to stay in touch afterwards?
If so, you can contribute a Ficlet to this “challenge” with links to whatever social media type things other authors on here can contact you by, be it your Twitter or Tumblr or whatever else.
You can find me in a multitude of places, but to keep things simple, I’ll just include my Twitter link doobry:
Godspeed, everybody.
And rest in peace, Ficly…

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Challenge has ended


Great Scott! No one's stepped up yet to take the challenge.


  1. Avatar HSAR

    Ficlatte, or anywhere else on the internet that you see the tag HSAR – just ask!

    My profile has more detailed contact information.

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Find me on ficlatte!!!

  3. Avatar Riley

  4. Avatar punpun

    steamvents on twitter

  5. Avatar signed, poet

    Is this site really ending? where does it say? I’m confused :/

  6. Avatar ethelthefrog

  7. Avatar RoseTone ~LoA~

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