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Greetings, programs of Ficly!
Somewhat paradoxically, I am simultaneously new – and not new – here; formerly, I was on this site under the handle of “J.A. Keane” from the start of 2010, up ‘til mid-to-late 2012. Things would have merrily continued that way…if it weren’t for the malfunction that wound up with me being unable to log back onto here with my Facebook account (oh, technology!), so henceforth I have returned like a fine-feathered phoenix from the flames (albiet with considerably less spectacle) to start anew.
However, if you’d like to see the sort of stuff I did before on my old account, you can take an inquisitive gander herein:
Be seeing you…


  1. Heart-to-Heart (Superhero Black Hole, part 136)

    I looked around at everyone in the room, their frightened stares piercing me. I could feel myself becoming less calm with every passing moment, and knowing how much time we didn’t have for my little breakdown, I just tried to breathe as best I co...

  2. The Big Bang (Superhero Black Hole, part 135)

    “Hasten the arrival of the unknown assailants, and likely hasten our demise,” interjected Al from across the room. “We don’t know that they’re coming to kill us!” Simultaneously, everyone gave me an “are-you-se...

  3. The One Who Knocks (Superhero Black Hole, part 133)

    Back in our main hub of activity, we all stood staring up into the grid, witnessing the electric blue lines fizzling out one by one. Darkness lay behind the remaining lines of the grid… …and it was getting closer. I looked over at Al, who w...

  4. I Do Have Weapons (Superhero Black Hole, part 132)

    Al pressed his palm against a scanning plate, held his eye up to a retina scan modified specifically for him and then traced his finger, from top to bottom, along a black strip built into the door. We could hear that this unlocked a dizzyingly high num...

  5. Closing In (Superhero Black Hole, part 131)

    As Al lead us all to the weapons storage area – (because of course we have a weapons storage area) – Tsering asked him: “What is going on?” If we had a catchphrase, I’m sure that’d be it. (One day, I’ll make t-...

  6. HUNTER (2013 Redux)

    My name is Hunter. My name is my trade. I don’t mean to sound like a Sin City narrator or anything. I just want to get all the perfunctory introductory business out of the way. So: I’m Hunter. I’m sixteen. No, really. No, really. I...

  7. Adam

    Adam bolts down the alleyway between his building and the next, clambering over the wire fence at the end. The Heli-Coppers are closing in. He runs through the streets, colliding with strangers, tripping over his feet. If they catch him, there’ll...

  8. Alastair

    The driver tears through the dry brush, the wheels kicking up plumes of dust behind them as they chase after the animal. Alastair kisses the seal of the gold ring on his middle finger, cocks the rifle and stands up in his seat to look through the open-...

  9. The Magic Man

    A magic man once told me That “you only live once”. The magic man lied; I’ve been alive nine times, And now I have become life’s dunce.

  10. Alter-Naming (Superhero Black Hole, part 126)

    Cut to: Just over an hour later. Me and the Zoes had all showered— (NOT TOGETHER, Zoe (the original (and best?) has hastened me to add) —and were now seated in the living area, whilst Al did something that you could only describe as him rec...

  11. HQ (Superhero Black Hole, part 125)

    That was the ceiling being not so much a ceiling, but rather a seemingly endless criss-crossing matrix of glowing blue circuits – or wires, or whatever – which occasionally sparked with flashes of blue light from deep within the depths of i...

  12. Awesomeness (Superhero Black Hole, part 124)

    If ever there had been another moment in my life where the sound of an angelic chorus signifying the awesomeness of a sight I beheld could have been more appropriate, I certainly couldn’t remember it. A treasure trove lay behind that wall –...

  13. E.C.

    His name is Enrico Caliente. It can’t be his real name… …and it isn’t. But in his line of work, you sink or swim by your reputation. And a reputation is all in a name. Enrico Caliente. A verbal shorthand – to all those in ...

  14. Embar(ass)ment.

    A few years ago, a painful affliction befell me. At the base of my spine (alright fine, above the arse crack!), a hideous, insidious abscess grew. This made it deeply undesirable to sit down, for fear of the BIBLICALLY UNHOLY PAINFUL PAAAAAAAIN. After ...

  15. A Clearing

    Twigs snap and leaves crackle damply under my wobbling feet. Suddenly aware of the desert dryness of my mouth. Hurts to swallow. When’d I last drink something? Maybe there’s a river round here. Cross that bridge later, damn it. Just run. I ...

  16. Return of the Jack

    “Log in, you bastard.” Jack clicks Sign in. Facebook. Log in using Facebook account. Click. Facebook homepage. No joy. No Ficly. No outpouring of creative expressionism today. “Bugger.” Jack sits back in his chair. He contemplat...

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