A Legend in My Own Mind

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I hadn’t planned on creating a challenge just yet, but sometimes things turn out better when “planning” isn’t involved. I am hoping this is one of those times.

You’ve all heard (or used) the phrase, “A legend in his/ her own mind,” and here’s your chance to, at the least, use it to your advantage…

If you were a creature of legend, myth or imagination, what would your story be? How would you conduct your daily life? Are you a benefit, a misfit, a nitwit or culprit?

Any form- poem, song, tale, (etc.) acceptable. I think I have set the timer at close enough to two weeks for it to count as such. Toss humility and humbleness out the window. You’ve just been given the license to sing your own praises…

And,now, I’ll leave you with my favorite inspirational song lyrics.. :)

Why do you like playing around with
My narrow scope of reality?
I can feel it all start slipping away…

Think you have what it takes to accept this challenge?


Challenge has ended

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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    boy wonder does it again
    congrats mess youu rock out wit your socks out

  2. Avatar ♦ Jenunique ♦

    Okay, so I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post without changing my challenge, I will comment here.

    Though I had only three entries to choose from, it was still a hard one. (Choice, that is.) I went with Eloquent Mess because I felt it was the closest to what I had in mind when writing the challenge.

    I appreciate the time and effort of everyone who took the time to read (and ESPECIALLY the three who entered) this challenge.

    May the force be with you! ;P



  3. Avatar ♦ Jenunique ♦

    After reading Eloquent Mess’s entry, I have decided that it’ll be best to hold my comments until the end date. I will be giving out five pencils just for entering!

    Yeah, you can say that I have watched way too many late night infomercials lately. Almost a, “call now and we’ll include….” :)

  4. Avatar Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    Gads! This sounds like an excellent challenge but for some reason I’m having great difficulty piecing together what I’d like to say. sigh

    We’ll see what happens. Give me time.

  5. Avatar ♦ Jenunique ♦

    I guess it depends on the circles you run in. ;D

    However, I’ve never heard “A legend in his own time,” and like I said— it could all come back to the friends we keep and those with which we acquaint ourselves.

  6. Avatar Coccinella

    I thought it was “A Legend in his own Time”?! :)

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