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I am a self-proclaimed member of the LoA (League of Awesomeness): Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision.

Special Needs Teacher, wife, mother of two, center-brained, imaginative, pragmatist. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I doodle or make stuff.
I just have too many irons in the fire.. I like fire.. it is pretty and warm.. I like to dance and sing by the fire, but I am careful. I always remember who I am.

I am Mistress Elshanor of Hawk Manor, Head Librarian, Keeper of the Secret Passageway to Mount Krully, and Keeper of the Ficlinomicon AND Kevin Lawver’s Pen. I think..

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“For every day you take off from writing, your muse will take off three!” -Anonymous
“Do not pity the dead, pity the living; especially those who live without love.” -Dumbledore


  1. Life of Clockwork Man

    I remember the day I was awakened. I was strapped down, with cords everywhere. There were several restarts and my calendar was updated each time. Finally I was allowed to sit up and walk. My creator was joyous and clapped for himself. I learned to make...

  2. Create Your Own.. Uh, Future.

    The postcard was filthy and the edges bent. The postmark was from out in the desert somewhere in Arizona. The picture on the front was of a cactus. How original. I stared at it lying on top of my latest Car and Driver issue. I had read it and threw it ...

  3. War and Water

    Dan rubbed my shoulders, loosening the knot of tension that had built up between them. I slowly relaxed into his massage. “Let’s run a warm bath, huh?” he murmured into my ear. I let him retreat to the bathroom. I heard the water star...

  4. Coming of Age

    “I said, let’s go!” “I said no, Mom.” Kelly pushed herself up. Tears were gluing strands of hair to her cheeks. “I love him. We are engaged.” “No you’re not!” “Yes I am. I am 26 years ol...

  5. Reunion

    “Dan!!” A whirlwind in a hospital gown zipped around my father and pounced on me. I winced. Then I inhaled the scent of earth, campfire, and lavender shampoo. I sighed and wrapped one arm around her narrow shoulders, “Kelly.” &...

  6. Soar

    I soar. High above I scan below, drifting swiftly on currents acridly scented. It is hard to hunt when the breeze brings not prey, but choking smoke. Plumes rise from tubes, great clouds that are not clouds and to be avoided. Winging around, I face the...

  7. Reaction for Every Action

    That night was amazing. I was glad we had gone back. Kelly was wilder than that raccoon. Any beasts of the forest would have fled from her howling. I think I may have a few scratches and bites. As the sun rose and the tent grew hot, I decided to scroun...

  8. Feelings

    The more I thought about how to respond to him, the more questions I had. Does he want to know the truth, that I am fed up with this journey? Would he still love me if I wanted to call for a hero right now? Does he really care for my feelings? “I...

  9. Time for A Rest

    My muscles screamed and my head began to pound. We had been walking for 45 minutes, but after the long hike yesterday and this morning as we had packed the SUV, I was beyond my physical limits.“Dan, can we rest?” He sighed and led us to the...

  10. Light of Hope

    How small the light of hope in the darkness. One sliver peeking out from under a door. Open it wide and suddenly the world is good again. But in the darkness, it catches your eye. Fascination consumes you. Your senses all focus on the one small shine. ...

  11. Don't Lie To Me

    Don’t lie to me, Not to my face; To make yourself look better Your actions speak louder. Don’t lie to me, Or speak a half-truth; That you did what you did Softer than you really did it. Don’t lie to me, Deny that you did wrong; When o...

  12. The Beast

    One of them didn’t give the Listener the opportunity to find the words to soothe the savage Beast. It was too late to stop the claws from ripping through The First’s sinewy heartstrings. The Listener was forced to mop up the mess and cinch ...

  13. The Listener

    One person says that another is driving them nuts. The first person claims that the second is incompetent, sleeping on the job. A wedge is driven between them with silence and cold shoulders. A simple misunderstanding is enough to spiral them both from...

  14. Elsha's Back!

    There were no gowns, no caps, no tassels. The sepia screen, segmented by boxes outlined in red and filled with tiny black type, heralded the truth. She’d passed. It was over. That was it. No ceremony, no pictures, no flowers. Congratulations were...

  15. Boom.

    It was gray. There was heat under his collar, coldness in his limbs, and a numbness in his heart. There was a tumultuous electricity in the air, carried on a wind that blew first one way, then another. He sat, he stood, he paced. Something was about to...

  16. Magenta

    “He doesn’t do this at home.” The mother sat, frustrated, angry, at the end of her rope. Facing her was the teacher, frazzled, frustrated, also unsure of what to do with the student, who now sat calmly when only minutes before was ove...

  17. Unwanted Visitor

    There was a knock at the door. It echoed throughout the foyer. The matriarch mouse took a deep breath. She opened it to the witch. “Where is your daughter?” “Leave. My. Family. Alone.” Her composure was already beginning to shak...

  18. Guest

    Her pregnant belly was full of the life of the one who was going to save them all. The babe had already become a savior for her. “Dear, would you bring me some cocoa beans and fresh nettle?” “From the forest??” “The baby n...

  19. Visitors

    “Momma!” screamed the little mouse. “She was in my window!” Her skittering hind paws slid across the floor as her little hands found purchase upon her mother’s skirt where she buried her face. “There is no witch, dea...

  20. What It Feels Like

    I don’t remember what it feels like. I open my eyes. I know where I am, who I am, what happened. I retrace the spiral of my fall in my mind. Every minute detail. I see the faces of those watching, some still smiling, some surprised, some mid-spee...

  21. The Search for a Real Supervillain

    The study was going rather well. Participants were scoring high on the ‘tools’ scale, a few had artistic and emotional notes in their files, but none had ‘it’. The person who had ‘it’ would be unpredictable, violent,...

  22. Share

    “Take it, Sir.” The creepy man in a tattered waistcoat held out a crown, purest gold and fitted with large rubies. It made me forget about my desire to escape. This mansion had stopped me at every turn, instead leading me to the caretaker w...

  23. Override

    Metallic gashes glinted where the paint had rubbed off in combat. Firing into the crowd of civilians and officers alike, the android’s well oiled joints silently and smoothly maneuvered her into a crouch behind a display case. She dropped spent m...

  24. Rock Bottom

    Hard to believe July is over, The year over halfway gone. Seven months marked by Sharpie, Upon the cinder-block wall, drawn. Surroundings noisy and dusty, The setting gray and drab. The populace and climate stormy, My bed a mat and a slab. Try to shut ...

  25. Donkey Wild (Mature)

  26. The Easy Way Bites You In The...

    I watched her these past 5 years. She married that man, had two kids, and made a life. Everyone can see she is unhappy. She doesn’t know what she wants; unwilling to find out. At first, she was manager of a store. They gave her a key. But they ke...

  27. She

    She stood on the half-finished porch and looked out at the sea. This? This was what her uncle had left her? Despite her anger at her Grandfather, she’d rather be back in his opulent office, defiantly pointing her finger at him, accusing him of bl...

  28. Jungle Jane Junior

    I got the call on my radio at 6AM. I dressed with speed, praying the Jeep would run. Working in isolation from society was nice most days, but not when I was the only civilized one, a daughter of Jane Goodall. There is no room for fear when approaching...

  29. Detective Work

    Elsha followed THX to the inkroom. The shelves were bare, not even a bottle or a quill left behind. Puddles on the floor were quickly drying in the humidity-controled room. It reeked of kelp and papaya, just like Princess B had claimed. “This is ...

  30. No Time For Assumptions

    Dear Sir, We have met. You granted my previous application to travel back in time. I read through your fine print and nothing says that I can’t go back again. I’m afraid I have to. You see, and this is embarrassing, but I may have violated ...

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