Speek Englesh Goodly!

This challenge has ended!

Write in English with altered rules; for example,

a) Spell based on phonetics; “Yesterday I red the noozepaper”.
b)Use irregular verbs in a regular manner; “I thinked for myself that beed quite unpleasant”
c) Use Newspeak; “Ungood” rather than Bad.
d)Use regulars in an irregular manner: “After I visat them I thunk the family for their attentions”
e)Alter the grammatical order (Subject-Verb-Complement); “We in the park met” (SCV)
f)Write like a non-native speaker would: “Visit us a person from the stranger country”

Difficulty; it must be justified within the story, don’t just alter the grammar and spelling of an existing one.

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Challenge has ended


Great Scott! No one's stepped up yet to take the challenge.


  1. Avatar C. Augusto Valdés

    genuine and fresh is doublegood!

  2. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    Ok, I’m the master of this! I have 6 months of listening to spaniards trying to speak english to me. So I think I’m actually gonna have a friend of mine try to write a story and I’ll upload it. That way it’s genuine and fresh. :D

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