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A quiet, bright meadow- a deep blue stream. The gentle breeze running its fingers through the wildflowers. Jewel-bright butterflies circling lazily in patches of sunlight. A small deer picked its way daintily through the grasses, its intelligent eyes softly taking in the scene. A small, white figure sat on the hill- the deer trotted shyly over and nudged its shining nose into the girl’s shoulder.

Elise started, drawn out of her dreamy reverie by the cold nose against her skin. She smiled when she saw the deer and gave it a pat and a few kind words. Then she stood and stretched, her bones cracking pleasantly. She was tall and willowy, with pale, freckled skin and long white-blond hair. Her face was pert and dainty, sporting a snub nose and round, rosy lips. She wore a simple white dress that left her shoulders bare and no shoes. Her appearance gave the overall impression of a delicate feather, torn tragically off the wing of some heaven-sent dove to fall slowly back to earth with graceful sadness.

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