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Wow! Ficlets is back! Whoops, I mean Ficly :D

Does anyone remember me from sniff our beloved, deceased Ficlets? Insert Pen Name Here, aka IPNH, aka Lane.

I love to write, poems and fiction mostly. I was addicted to Ficlets and I’m so so SO glad to see it back as Ficly! I am in the process of writing a book, some of it was posted up here but it’s difficult to do in Ficly form so I’m not continuing it here. I’ll mention Ficly if it’s ever published however :)

Sequel- prequels- I’m flattered, please do!



  1. I Think I Shall

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art as sticky and as hot. The flies doth buzz around thee just as much. And, thou reeketh, verily! Truly, thou precence is a stifling one. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Though hast the ...

  2. Underground

    A traveler, Passport in pocket and map in hand, Walks in step with the locals. The world aboveground is brand new to him (and less than postcard-perfect)- but subways match up city after city. He descends into familiar space, tile walls and sticky f...

  3. Shiny Hot Days

    On shiny hot days When the temperature seemed always to slip From hard, dry heat To clammy manufactured breeze And back again; My grandmother would bring me to the park To trade in sticky furniture For grass cushions And slipcovers of shade When high ...

  4. Color

    People look warmer in the winter, Cheeks pinker, lips redder, And skin tones dark against the constant white backdrop. The lone hiker on a snowy mountainside is a bright smear of paint on a black and white photograph. Spring is a phantasmagorical lands...

  5. If I Could Paint

    If I could paint, I would speckle a canvas with raindrops on a car window and the city lights beyond, I would mix up the color of rusted train tracks under a harvest moon and six different shades of pebble- If I could paint, I would do it at dawn or mi...

  6. Louise, part two

    Every thing feels like the last thing and Louise feels like the very last thing of all. The elevator is the end of my life and Louise is the end of life itself. Louise is entropy, Louise is the end credits, Louise is the moment the dreidel stops spinni...

  7. Louise

    Every thing passes except for the last thing, but problematically, every thing feels like the last thing. Every moment soaked in happiness feels as if it will be wrung out and never dampened again, every crisis threatens to grow and grow until it overs...

  8. Mission Improbable- 8

    Lucy stepped out a second later into a small antechamber and saw, to her relief, a table piled with gifts. She rooted through the mound until she found a large, pink gift bag, the contents of which she dumped unceremoniously behind the table. The brief...

  9. Mission Improbable- 7

    Once around the corner, Lucy dropped her drunken act and pulled the shiny pin out of her sleeve. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw that it read “Assistant Manager”. She pinned it to her own lapel and set off in search of the elevators. Once a...

  10. These Are My Demands

    As long as there’s music like this, as long as you and I can get pissed, as long as I hurt when I throw my fist, for however as long as daydreams exist, Life is alright, and I’ll be ok.

  11. String that Bass

    “Tess!” Cassandra yelped. “You sound like you’re in high school, he does not ‘like me’.” Tessa stuck out her tongue. “I bet he does.” Cassandra rolled her eyes pointedly. “Well. We’ll see next week then, won’t we.” “You’re...

  12. I Bet He Likes You

    “So you just went with him?” Tessa said incredulously. Cassandra’s petite blond friend sat primly on a spongey orange subway seat with folded arms. “Well…yeah.” Cassandra didn’t quite know how to explain. “It turned out to be fun.”

  13. It's Catching

    “Why don’t you come to Tai Chi with me instead? It’ll be fun, I promise.” Steven stuck out his lip and pouted. “Pleassseee?” Cassandra felt her stern face begin to crack and quickly looked away. “I don’t know-“ “Oh come on!” Cassa...

  14. Steven Has an Idea, Joy

    “Ok, no, I’m not a morning person. I switched majors this year, and it was the only open time.” “Aw, that sucks…” “I know! And the worst part is, I don’t even need to come to class today, it’s an extra credit lab-“ Wait, why am I te...

  15. Much Too Cheerful For Her Tastes

    Cassandra’s mouth twitched and she gingerly shook the offered appendage. “Cassandra.” She wiped her hand on her skirt. “You go to the university, then?” “Why else would I be in the Science Building at this ungodly hour?” Cassandra blew he...

  16. Elevator Muzak, Live

    “Bum bum yeahhh, do do do bop. Dum de dum yeahhhh!” A mixture of humming, whistling, and very bad beat boxing filled the tiny elevator. Cassandra aimed her best hate-beam at the source of the irritating noise, the shaggy boy next to her. He caught ...

  17. Mission Improbable- 6

    From around the corner came a short, hairy man with a prominent gold, lettered pin sitting proudly on his lapel. Lucy smirked and realized that her pantsuit might work after all. She sauntered down the hallway, doing her best to look tipsy, and threw h...

  18. Mission Improbable- 5

    “Oh god,” she whispered. The ice machine’s dewy outside must have dripped onto the phone as she leaned against it. The phone was useless, and so was any other phone she could find. Without an encrypted phone she couldn’t contact Brian at all. L...

  19. Mission Improbable- 4

    “Ok. You are in the hotel, correct?” “Yes.” “Good. Now, you contact is wearing purple socks and carrying an identical briefcase. He is at a private party there at the hotel. You need to make the swap before nine or it’s off. Got it?” “Y...

  20. Mission Improbable- 3

    “Ok. You are in the hotel, correct?” “Yes.” “Good. Now, you contact is wearing purple socks and carrying an identical briefcase. He is at a private party there at the hotel. You need to make the swap before nine or it’s off. Got it?” “Y...

  21. Mission Improbable- 2

    She managed to maintain a purposeful strut throughout the gigantic marble lobby, but as soon as she found herself in a deserted side corridor Lucy let out a huge breath and lapsed back into her usual, more timid pace. She scurried along the hallway unt...

  22. Mission Improbable- 1

    After working at the CIA for almost a month, Lucy Dawson thought that she was used to intimidating buildings. As she rose out of the yellow NYC taxi and faced the Hotel D’Envie, however, Lucy decided that a walk through CIA headquarters was much less...

  23. The Basement

    “Yes, sweetie, the power is out. Tony, Spongebob will be back just as soon as the storm’s over,” said Tessa, struggling to keep wiggly Carly still and find Tony on the couch at the same time. “Are you sure?” came the boy’s small voice from ...

  24. There Is No Spongebob

    For days afterwards they would beg for more scary stories, but Ricky always shook his head and proclaimed that scary stories were only for storms. Tessa sometimes tried to comply with her children’s demands, but since her reaction to storms was to cu...

  25. Two Months, One Week, and Four Days

    It was two months, one week, and four days since Ricky had been shipped out when the first tornado warning of the year came onto the TV in the middle of Spongebob. Tony, who at five considered Spongebob to be the most important thing in his life, let o...

  26. 6

    She knew what they were thinking- Antonia Bianchi, the most talented rider on the junior circuit, was walking out of the qualifying round that might get her to the Olympic team? Antonia knew that her mother was most certainly thinking this, probably wi...

  27. 5

    Antonia, out of pure survival instinct, let go of the reins and flung her arms around his neck. Bruno back stepped frantically, trying his hardest to keep Antonia on. Finally, he regained his balance and landed on all fours. The crowd was silent, their...

  28. 4

    . He had been riding Daisy, his obstinate mare who refused the second fence every time. This time she had tried to clear it, but caught her hoof on the edge and went barreling into the ground with Phillip under her. Antonia had heard the noise from the...

  29. 3

    She shouldn’t be here, she should be at the hospital, Antonia should be at the hospital, she shouldn’t be riding this stupid course, not without Phillip, not when he was lying in a hospital bed with a broken collarbone and leg and- Bruno swiveled h...

  30. 2

    Ms. Bianchi, are you ready?” A judge spoke softly into the microphone and Antonia realized that her unsteady mount had taken more than the usual time. She blushed and nodded, then remembered that no one could tell that her head was moving beneath her...

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