Return of the Pumpkin Lord, episode 1, part 3, chapter 6

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The fools! They were so sure of their victory, so sure they had defeated the mighty Pumpkin Lord. Death was merely a setback for a being such as itself. Halloween marked his return to the realm of mortals and with his full strength restored, the night would see blood. The Duck and the Platypus would see the true face of the Pumpkin Lord. They would know terror, they would know evil, and soon after, they would know death. And he’d make a goddamned pot of soup out of their remains, just so they could know what it felt like. The bastards.

“Hey! Happy Halloween, everyone. We’ve gone out of state to visit some friends, but we should be should be back by tuesday. Help yourself to the bowl of candy on the porch.

-Duck, Platypus."

With a mighty roar, the Pumpkin Lord made known his rage. Bad timing may have ruined his plans this year, but Halloween was eternal. He would return again and again until vengeance was finally hi- Oh hell yes, they left Twizzlers!

The Pumpkin Lord loved Twizzlers.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very nice, in-character evil scheming right up to the Twizzlers, which was absolutely pitch-perfect awesome. Giggled out loud, much to my wife’s confusion, at the ending.

  2. Avatar Tyrannical TeaCup

    Apparently, Duck wrote that message. Platypus would never leave Tuesday like that. xD

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