George in Space

Avatar Author: Lyra That cow that jumped over the moon and landed back on earth. Read Bio

George pushed the ship’s button. George was always pushing buttons. This was much more fun than he expected or normally found though. Each time George pushed the button he found his attire immediately transformed. First, he was dressed in a gaudy purple suit with a big plume hat, next it was a lady’s evening gown. Once, he pushed it and ended up in a fancy tux feeling just like James Bond. He waited for awhile before pushing the button after that. Push it again he did though & with great pleasure, until he found himself undressed and standing quite naked.

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  1. Avatar i, Coomber

    Hehehe, nice little ficly that needs no explanation, but still brings a smile to your face :)

  2. Avatar Scrawler's Secret

    This made me smile. when I read thisis was quite anxious. Thanks for the pick me up.