Procrastinate Now...Don't Put It Off

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The pen is in my hand, but I can’t bring myself to write. The music makes my foot tap and my head nod. Involuntarily I start singing along. I start as the little red number pops up on my Facebook screen. I have a notification. I hesitate and glance back down at my homework for a moment before rolling the mouse over the screen. Click. Jane has commented on your wall post.

I’m hopeless. Mindlessly, I switch tabs back to Ficly. Nothing new. My pen clicks in my hand and I slouch in my chair even further.

I’m bored.

What should I do? A little voice in my head says “do your homework, you lazy idiot,” but I shove the voice away. It’s 9:43pm. Mentally I plan to start my essay at 9:45. Then I open Google and start searching my favorite actors. I glance at the clock. 9:50pm. Shit. I’ll start at 10pm instead.

Ten minutes later I’m furiously typing… this ficly.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    This reminded me of the the old idiom: Devil finds work for idle hands

    So I guess that would make Ficly the Devil’s Workshop. Oh, dear! That’s not good.

  2. Avatar Marli

    Yourfavourite, this was very good but I do hope the homework got done.Ha HA. I procrastinate as well and have been in the same predicament.

  3. Avatar Mackizme

    believe it or not, this was not autobiographical. i mean, i based it on my own experiences, but this particular case was fictional. so yes…the homework did get done!