Twisted Love - A Miracle

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Well he hadn’t been with Mary. That was always a good thing. A miracle and a good thing. Almost as good and miraculous as him being, she dared to think it, available. What a great stroke of fortune. She might actually have a chance at happiness here. She might actually have a chance to be someone’s babe. The idea shocked and amazed her, she could hardly believe it. It might finally, FINALLY happen. But she couldn’t get ahead of herself. The guy didn’t even know she existed.

At last, practice had finished. The guys had apparently decided that they had had enough running around in pointless circles over and over and over again and revolted.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    um, that was the longest practice ever..

  2. Avatar Gurth

    ok, now it’s going along better. More interest. I like your no-nonsense, not over-ambitious style. I don’t mean it’s not ambitious, of course it is!

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Twisted Love - The Answer by penguincaptain

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