Her Spot

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All around him, people thrust their way purposefully through the crowd, heads down and shawls up against the storm, harried but certain of their destinations. Sergei alone seemed to dawdle, looking uncertainly at street signs, trying to remember his few Keltish lessons. I can speak it well enough, but damned if I can read it… he thought, gazing at the strange symbols.

People pushed and shoved past him indifferently. The sheer mass of bodies frightened Sergei a little- he hadn’t seen this many people in one place since the-

But he wasn’t to think about that.

Sergei shivered and turned into a small alley. He leaned against the wall, watching the people hurry past him. Across the alley was a doorway with a small awning and a soft-looking rug. Sergei sat down on it and verified that it was indeed very soft. He leaned against the wall and began to finally feel safe…

“Hey! That’s MY spot!” A girl about his age was standing in the mouth of the alley, hands on hips and looking very angry.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    wow what a saga! This is beautiful! You’ve been working hard in Ficlet’s absence! Welcome back!

  2. Avatar Insert Pen Name Here

    Thank you! Welcome back to you as well! :D

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