Rains and Whistling Trains

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It was raining, pouring, hammering on the walls of the old musty tent. If they didn’t touch the walls the water only came in through the three dozen or so small holes in the green canvas a drip at a time. The two boys reveled in the thunderous downpour, turning a bright summer afternoon filled with sailing and swimming and archery and arts & crafts and other merit badge-earning activities into a peaceful respite from activity with in-depth analysis of comic books and science fiction and shooting the breeze about their classmates and fellow scouts. It was a timeless afternoon, making for a precious memory. What made that afternoon most memorable, though, was not the lack of activities. It was the contrast between that moment and what followed. When the boys skipped swimming lessons that afternoon, they missed the announcement. They had no clue about the tornado warning.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    where are the scout leaders? they’d better be freaking out over the boys’ disappearance…
    nice cliffhanger! The canvas detail also sticks with me.

  2. Avatar DoItForScience

    Well, since this afternoon resulted in memories for these fictional scouts, we can assume that they were found eventually, perhaps when they were discovered to be missing during the head count at the lodge. Want to write about it?

    BTW, I essentially stole this from my sister who worked at a camp and had to go find a couple of kids during a tornado warning. I just switched the perspective and added details from my own memories of summer camps.

  3. Avatar K-Jellybean

    Hm… Interesting.

  4. Avatar kaellinn18

    This reminds me of a similar boy scout camping trip I had, only it wasn’t a tornado, but a grass fire. I quit scouts after that trip.

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