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  1. Here Today, Forgotten Yesterday

    The lonely man stood ankle deep in water, looking out upon the… area he had known his whole life. Behind him, palm trees rose out of the shallow water. Ahead of him, down the steep slope were the dead trunks of more palms submerged in the salty s...

  2. or, How Mankind's Oldest Weapon Just Won't Stop Cutting

    But composites and synthetic fibers and “active armor” essentially nixed the power of the gun in the hands of an infantryman. Guns now belonged mostly to vehicles and fortresses. Lasers and fusion came along, but never an effective, reliabl...

  3. An Aside: I'm Only Gonna Axe You Once

    In the beginning, there was stone, and the first manufactured weapons were the spear and the ever-lasting axe, unless you count removing small twigs from a tree limb to make a club. We figured out throwing spears then bows and arrows. Shields came alon...

  4. Rains and Whistling Trains

    It was raining, pouring, hammering on the walls of the old musty tent. If they didn’t touch the walls the water only came in through the three dozen or so small holes in the green canvas a drip at a time. The two boys reveled in the thunderous do...

  5. Tears of joy from Heaven

    It was raining and the sun was shining. It was perfect, this most beautiful moment in my life, when my husband proposed to me.

  6. Survivors!

    Simon’s nerve was the first to break. Without a word, he broke into a run headed for the front door of the Armory. He waved his arms over his head frantically. A sniper shot shattered the tense moment and the asphalt a few feet to Simon’s l...

  7. The Payoff (Mature)

  8. Stranger in a Strange, Strange Land

    Valentine Michael Smith was born a Human, raised as a Martian, and had now spent 8 years on Earth. Michael had learned much from Jubal Harshaw and his family, perhaps as much as they had learned from him. Michael’s religion, of which the primary ...

  9. Empty Hope

    Grant didn’t think of it, or maybe he did somewhere in his mind deep under the half liter of vodka it was currently swimming in, but shooting stars are extremely rare to see on the moon. What currently was on his mind was the sixty foot cliff in ...

  10. Status Quo (Mature)

  11. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

    Matt considered for a second. “I’ll let you know tomorrow morning. And now that I’ve accepted this responsibility, I’d like it if you answered a question for me: why do you consider me the second most important person in Tucson?...

  12. The King of the Road accepts his Quest

    Matt was momentarily stunned. The leathery old bat actually loved her city?!? Heh, tough love. And, he had never considered being a leader of men. He quickly realized that Eye was probably right. Two months, huh? he thought. Wonder if I can make it the...

  13. Bait and Switch

    “I can’t carry enough food and water for a trip like that!” objected Matt. “Especially for three people. You’re taking your Doctor and new merc friends with you. I need you to survive the trip.” Matt literally growle...

  14. An Eye for Eye

    The Mayor paused for a response from Matt but got none. “I consider you the second most important person in Tucson, Matt.” Number one was obvious. “I’m not a citizen of Tucson,” Matt spat out. “Hush now; I grant you ...

  15. The King and Eye

    The guards grunted and allowed Matt through to Mayor Aii’s office. A tough old Japanese broad, she had been running Tucson for 12 years with a fair measure of success. Everybody called her ‘Eye’ because first, it was close enough to h...

  16. Tucson News

    Twitch, like Matt, probably Death Zone, and definitely the old Doc, had survived the End 33 or 34 years ago. With civilization fallen apart at the seams, nobody had managed to keep a good calendar at first, so now there was some disagreement as to when...

  17. The King, Death, and the Doctor arrive in Tucson

    Dreadnought rolled up to the flimsy guard station outside Tucson late in the evening. The stars in the sky were here and there blotted out by the greasy smoke of cow dung and animal fat fires. Wood is too valuable to burn in Tucson. Matt could probably...

  18. Hunter versus Scavenger

    The plan had worked flawlessly. Mephisto had planted the fake ID of Beth Ann Sprock, Texas Arborreal Rehabilitation Director into one of the police officers attempting to discontinue the haywire mech. She could hardly believe that the tracers got a hit...

  19. How to name a truck

    Matt’s truck was a mash-up, but it worked. It was a hydraulic/diesel hybrid. He took the hydraulics from a front end loader and found a diesel engine in a vintage Mercedes. Waste heat from the hydraulics warmed the glow plugs of the diesel, which...

  20. Cyberpunkocalypse, or King of the Road

    Cyberpunk was dead. Surely it would rise again, it’s tough to keep a good cyborg down, but for now North America had an awful lot of technological ladder to climb from the 19th century back to the 21.5th. The EMPs and microwave airbursts made sur...

  21. Robbin' Hood

    Truth be told, I was in a dying profession. Identity theft in the modern world required vast computing resources for a couple of reasons. First, there is the code breaking, smashing through the encryption layered on all “valuable”, “p...

  22. Corpus of Dreams

    His dream was of laughter, thunder, and boats, all rolling; lightning, waves, and bones, all crashing. He always did the same thing when he awoke. He sat up, blurry eyed, turned to his right, and didn’t notice the wheelchair until he tried to sli...

  23. ... means 'Not Guilty', right?

    … said the controversial “suicide doctor” in his sworn statement to the court.

  24. The Right to Death

    I admit it. I think our forefathers got it wrong when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. There is no natural right to life. What is a natural right? A right that cannot be taken away from you, no matter what. And clearly, life can be taken awa...

  25. This is ... plain ... idiotic? (Mature)

  26. A Rhetorical Question Regarding Human and Animal Emotions

    How come when a person is confronted by a vicious, snarling predator and the person pees, we all know it is out of fright, but when an animal predator is confronted by another aggressive predator, and the confronted one pees, we all think it is marking...

  27. Did it have to be like this?

    “Dad, why won’t you TALK to me?!?” “Alright, alright. What do you want to know?” His son stood there for a moment, unable to select a question from the swarm buzzing in his head. Finally he chose, “Why?” “...

  28. Luddites Anonymous

    I shuffled into the brightly lit meeting room that smelled of stale smoke and burnt coffee. Nobody was smoking, or drinking coffee. The decorum was 70’s vomit. Had I not been prepared, the scene before me would have probably melted my mind. I was...

  29. Victory! For the Children!

    Twenty-eight long years it has taken, but today we make a great step forward in Science! For the children, of course. We fought long and hard, and had no chance before the Revolution. But the Glorious Revolution came to pass, we hired our lawyers, and ...

  30. Guardians of the Universe

    The shaman sat calmly on his mat, placidly listening to the golden-skinned man. This man actually glowed with his own inner light. The shaman accepted his task of receiving the word of God. “Listen, this is my first Universe, so it’s not pe...

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