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“I wish it never happened. Now my summer is ruined.” Xander said, as I carefully drew a portrait of Batman across the cast on his leg.

“It’s not ruined, it will just be different.” I urged. Truthfully, I felt like my summer was ruined too.

“I hate that I did that! I hate it!”
“You regret climbing up the tree. You do not hate it.”
“Does regret mean hate?”
“No baby, a regret is something that you wish you didn’t do. It’s something you would take back if you could.”

He lay his head gently on my chest, admiring the comic I had sketched across the cast.

“Does everyone have regrets?” he asked, his voice heavy with sleep.
“Everyone has regrets baby, everyone. Close your eyes now, sleep.”
“Do you have regrets, Mummy what do you regret?”
“Everyone has regrets, go to sleep. You’ll regret not sleeping.”

His breaths were sweet and shallow as I carried him to bed.
He looked beautiful and peaceful under the covers.
As I closed the door and turned out the light, I whispered to the silence,
“I regret you.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    oh ouch. that was all sweet until the end. now I’m all sad..

  2. Avatar Clotifoth

    Wow, pretty nice dialogue there, with a twist at the end.

    I can’t really phrase properly how I feel about this ficly. I just… like it. I can’t describe it but I just like it. A lot. You’ve earned my followship. :)
  3. Avatar Abstract

    I feared that the mother would respond like that as soon as she deflected the kid’s question. Great story, well-written and paced right.

  4. Avatar kaellinn18

    I agree with the others. This is very well done!

  5. Avatar Moonlightgirl

    like the twist at the end i had a feeling she was going to say that

  6. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Great twist. The mom’s a little bitch, but very well done.

  7. Avatar Lady Bug

    The Mom is sort of a bitch…
    But being a Mom is hard, and I think everyone has moments of regret.

  8. Avatar Nouvelle Bardot

    Nice surprise at the end.

  9. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    oh wow…this is a winner in my book.

    This is reality. And reality is often harsh, not all sweet and lovely like many movies or TV shows would try to make you believe. Then again, you’ve got a lot of mindless shit being made out there too.


    Sorry, ’bout the unnecessary tangent. Your writing is awesome. And I like the mum because she has her responsibility, meets it, and also lives in reality.

  10. Avatar Lady Bug

    that is exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote this.

  11. Avatar Reverend Speed

    Ouch, a painful truth there (even if fictitious). Thanks for posting it.

  12. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Man, this is so weird. On one hand, I love the concept. On the other, the last sentence seemed a bit too sudden. But back on the first hand, I love the last sentence because of it’s variation on the typical ,“I love you!” I’m gonna go try to settle out which side of my brain should win this one. For now, great job!

  13. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    Wow, definitely deserving of the feautured spot. I too was expecting her to say what she did after avoiding the questions.

  14. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ouch, the brutal truth of unplanned parenthood. A nice job juxtaposing her tender concern and care and I would assume genuine love with the reality of the regret he embodies.

  15. Avatar DoItForScience

    (I’m too cynical right now to post something nice so I’ll just leave my rating)

  16. Avatar D.E DeWitt

    I literally said, “Oh. Crap.” aloud when I finished. The relationship with the mother/kid is kind of odd; I’ve never heard of a parent drawing a Batman on a cast or feeling his/her summer was ruined by a kid breaking a leg. But the dialogue is good and the theme is realistic. Good piece.

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