A million emotions

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My name. Spoken by him resonated within me like the vibrations you feel after a gong has been sounded. I stood motionless, a million emotions going through my mind.

“Becky?” he asked, his smile fading as tears started to slide down my cheeks. Speechless I took a step closer, barely able to believe it.

The boy I’d loved since I was 14 years old, had turned into a man in the two years we’d been apart. The connection that was always there, that he seemed not to feel when we were together. I could feel it now, stronger than ever before.

I glanced at myself, my uniform barely concealing me and embarrassment flushed through me, illuminating my cheeks as they had always done. He smiled and took off his jacket, passing it to me.

Gratefully I put it on and saw that I was right, he was muscular. Closer now he pulled me into his arms and I didn’t pull away, him holding me close and at last I allowed myself to whisper his name

“Zeke” I whispered, tears flowing freely now.

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)


  2. Avatar Jenni Summers

    hehe I like keeping people in suspense. I probs won’t be able to write anymore till I start college again on 4th Jan. Enjoy the suspense!

  3. Avatar Catherine

    I knew it! I knew it! He’s going to save her right!? I want a happy ending!

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