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Lady one was dressed in red.
She fell down and split her head.
Lady two was dressed in blue.
She went down without a clue.
Lady three was dressed in green.
She deserved it ‘cause she’s mean.
Lady four was dressed in yellow.
She laid down with angel fellows.
Lady five was dressed in orange.
She knew what was coming, sure.
Lady six was dressed in purple.
She made such a gurgle.
Lady seven was dressed in pink.
She drank the liquids under the sink.
Lady eight was dressed in gray.
She was in the light of day.
Lady nine was dressed in black.
She had her head around back.
Lady ten was dressed in white.
She got away into the night.

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  1. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    W O W .

    I say again: W O W .

    This is simple yet amazing. Reminds me a lot of the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds album Murder Ballads. Your name tells me a little about you, and I personally am not a fan of the horror genre, but I do have a titillation for a bit of confrontational text and/or concepts. Violence for no reason doesn’t appeal to me at all, but violence in art can give us messages, is usually very creative, and in the case of visual arts, can even be beautiful. I think this one is beautiful.

    Horrorfan13, I’ve looked at your profile, and it seems a few of the items in your brief profile are ones that resonate strongly with me. I hope some of your other writings are as good as this.

    Watch out. You’re now being followed.

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel


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