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An Aussie infatuated, no, obsessed with spreading his artistic wings and creating whenever possible, is enjoying taking on the challenge of trying to hold a pen and write interesting stories…with wings.


  1. Come One! Come All!

    Oscar H. Ringling, the forgotten brother, was always on the outer with his family. Maligned by his father when he decided at an early age to not follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, he secretly always wished that he had not been born without th...

  2. Perhaps some things should be left just as they are.

    And I remember quiet evenings trembling close to you… It was still the greatest ever finishing line for a song. Ever. From the moment he’d heard Tom’s beautiful illuminations illustrating to him such a powerfully touching story, he ha...

  3. not as it might seem

    Although my name may seem to most viewers as being quite obvious in its origin, that of Scratch ‘n’ Scrawl being all about writing, I can asure you that things are not always as they seem. Firstly, being a lover of writing, and very much of...

  4. Run For The Hills!

    Just to hand…an alert about a new breed of monsters reportedly terrorising our citizens. What the??? Since the IMFA, the International Monster Freedom Act, was submitted and passed in 87% of this planet’s nations, I thought nothing more wou...

  5. This is fiction, I swear it is...

    I have never been a mobile phone addict. I couldn’t care about texting, whether it had a flashlight, if it played music, or any other seemingly magical thing that got everyone else addicted. I wanted a phone I could make phone calls on. Simple. T...

  6. a name to end all names (Mature)

  7. everything not as good as it seems (Mature)

  8. well...honesty's cool... (Mature)

  9. Vegan rememberances (Mature)

  10. Just when everything seemed perfect... (Mature)

  11. oh, what a beautiful rainbow...

    Being a ten-year-old’s not easy you know. In fact, there are many things that are challenging in my life, even though many adults I’m sure would look at the life of a ten-year-old as being simple and uncomplicated. Try being the passenger i...

  12. You'd love it, you know you would...

    Dear Rhonda, You’ll probably screw this up before you even read it, but I miss you, and I’ve no-one else to write to. For 27 years we came here, Harold’s B&B in Atlantic City, for July 4 weekend. From our first year of marriage &...

  13. NYC

    Driving my usual route from Nashville to Boston, I was surprised to see a young fella standing in the rain on the highway about 70 miles west of Knoxville. With a guitar across his shoulder, Billy looked like a drenched cat, but the smile on his face s...

  14. Not so funny now, is it? (Mature)

  15. a hot date

    He’d known her for what seemed like forever. Hours talking through the magic of keyboards and monitors, but she’d never let him see her, never meeting. As close as he reckoned, she only lived a few suburbs away. She was very careful online ...

  16. Not all doom and gloom.

    Sitting at his keyboard, the once-regularly-mirthful-now-more-often-pessimistic young man contemplates which tack this challenge will take. He starts typing: “Firstly I’m thankful for my immediate family this year, my brothers and my parent...

  17. Town Crier's decree...

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye… Lords, ladies, gentlefolk, and scallywags: You are all granted the greatest honour of hearing the latest law passed by His Highness, your king. As of this exact day, any person found writing creatively, be they stories,...

  18. Prep Red, 1975

    I don’t remember my first day of school. I know lots of kids cry at the prospect of being away from their mother for the first time, or maybe the thought that it could be a permanent separation perhaps? I’m sure I had none of this, yet stil...

  19. Prosthetic Curse.

    My new mechanical prosthetic hand was awesome, unlike anything I had ever imagined could exist since my accident. My girlfriend was loving it too, as we’d hired a boat for a few days to get out on the ocean, alone, in touch with nature, and each ...

  20. Now I can't get back to sleep... (Mature)

  21. I deserve love too!!!

    As Dorothea looks at me, very non-committally, just like the previous three times that day, I cannot help but wonder if it will ever change. There’s obviously something there, otherwise she wouldn’t repeatedly focus on me, even though each ...

  22. one sick puppy... (Mature)

  23. The Big Chill in 10 words

    Guy dies. Old friends remember. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll.

  24. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!

    I drove my car Down to the bar, It was a restored 1965 Jaguar. With me my sitar, And also my guitar On the back seat – I felt like a superstar. It wasn’t that far, Drove on past the spa, And parked it in behind Old Jack’s Bar. Then I ...

  25. I didn't mean THIS bridge!

    Maneuvering around the pegs while defending my life was going to be rather challenging. Not to mention avoiding the obstacles of the strings also… The rules when challenged to a death duel by a Grand Gargoyle were well-known and simple: 1. The on...

  26. Getting into Samantha's pants was never going to be easy. (Mature)

  27. A sense of wonder.

    I feel the beating of my heart. More like racing, really. I feel the clamping around my ribs and back. Not uncomfortable at all, actually very snug and supportive. A large gum tree ramshackles its way past my line of vision. Next I see an esteemed old ...

  28. True Love?

    I’ve never felt like this before. Ever. My love for you is totally overwhelming, swallowing me like that biblical whale Jonah once knew. I think of you and I smile. I see you and I smile. We hold each other and I smile. When I leave you it’...

  29. Not at 7Eleven...

    There were two boys named Elvis in my class. Being grade 4 at Holy Mary’s, most kids knew nothing about the Elvis, but my mother still worshipped him: pictures, songs, and at least once a week she would throw one of her Complete Elvis box set mov...

  30. A Dream Come True? (Mature)

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