Nighttime Nicks

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He grabs the next woman he sees and shoves her into the alley. Holding her by the throat against the wall, he rips her shirt open. Looking with indifference at her mountainous breasts, he pulls a knife from his jacket pocket. Soon her chest is stained in a crimson red.
Next, he unzips her skirt and lets it fall to her ankles. He forces her face to the wall and soon her tiny ass is dripping maroon. He wipes the blade clean in her hair, unheeding the locks that come loose. He loosens his hold on her.
“Put your clothes back on.” She complies with robotic motions, not realizing that she could now run. Once she has herself back in order, he turns her towards the entrance of the alley.
He whispers in her ear, “Have a wonderful life.” He pushes her closer to freedom. That’s when instinct finally kicks in and she begins to sprint towards the light.
He strikes out quickly and she stumbles onto the sidewalk, blood starting to melt from her slit throat. Laughter fills the night air.

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  1. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    Oh man, you certainly have a talent for this…

    There’s a series of novels by John Sandford which most or all have the word ‘prey’ somewhere in the title, and the main character is Lucas Davenport, a detective/cop who has a knack for catching psycho serial killers.

    Maybe you should get a hold of one or two of them (I think he is up to twenty now, if you google him, his website is excellent), because they may inspire you to take that next step and write a novel.

    I’ll put my order in for a proof-reading copy now, eh…

  2. Avatar Horrorfan13

    I’m always looking for a great read! And thank you for the wonderful compliments! My mind just seems to go there. And I would love to be able to write a novel.

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