Move in. Move out. Move on.

Avatar Author: iLive The Avant-Garde Way These are my heart songs. They never feel wrong. And when I wake for goodness sake, These are the songs I keep singin'. Read Bio

Move in – the door squeaks.
You’ll take more than a peek,
For this new home will not want to be outgrown.

Darkness turns to light,
You were up all night,
Finding the secrets which were meant to be kept out of sight.

Then the dust settles in,
And you’ll feel trapped within,
Since the good times have somehow become unquestionably trite.

Move out – the door slams.
The lock is now jammed,
And the keys are no longer working.

But there are more nooks to unlock,
More homes on another block,
While the memory of that safe-haven will painstakingly flock.

Time spent remembering,
Will only bring trembling,
Because you thought you would live there for longer.

So it’s time to shift gears,
Find a home that’s nowhere near -
A struggle that will only make you stronger.

Move on – the door sighs.
You’re surrounded by flies,
For now you’re a bum off to a questionable start.

But there’s hope in the streets.
This is not defeat.
Just follow the real estate agent that you call your heart.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Wow. I really liked how you took us through the life of this character in such a short amount of space.

  2. Avatar Sam Ervin

    This is incredible.

  3. Avatar iLive The Avant-Garde Way

    Thank you! The constraints were tough but I’m proud of the way it came out =)

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    this is a nice metaphor for that awkward time of growing up and finding yourself. :)

  5. Avatar iLive The Avant-Garde Way

    & that is exactly one of the interpretations I was going for (yes, there are more!). =)

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