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These are my heart songs.
They never feel wrong.
And when I wake for goodness sake,
These are the songs I keep singin’.


  1. Four Years Later (Year 4)

    Sit closer. Year four. Knock, Knock… on MY door? It’s opportunity. Share my struggles. Join this community? Find more friends. Feel this unity. So I improv this time. Ride the waves and begin my climb To progress. I express my stress to coalesce. ...

  2. Four Years Later (Year 3)

    Come closer. Year three. Oblivious me. This relationship will die. Wolfstock performance. I think I’m gunna cry. Single again. Well at least I tried. Let’s be friends? I’m too much of a nice guy. Cut the ties and apply… All these frustrations t...

  3. Four Years Later (Year 2)

    Feel closer. Year two. Major breakthrough. Fly with her. Feel the rhyme. Use that rhythm. It’ll only be one time… Wrong. I fall. I fall HARD. This physical chemistry caught me off guard. Every day is a new adventure. Every day is a new smile. Thi...

  4. Four Years Later (Year 1)

    Four years later and I’m staring at my scars. Four years later and I’m lost in these stars. I lost my voice; you might hear a shriek. So sit back and relax, as we now take a peek… Into my life. A lot can happen in four years. All of which is expe...

  5. The Room

    This room seems quite bare, When I ponder by myself. At the walls I stare – I’m the only one that can help. The people that I let in Just become memories on my shelf. This is what happens When I give away my wealth. A neuron fires, And th...

  6. 20/20 Vision

    The blind man sees what falls on deaf ears. He wades through the concrete sea of cacophony With his cloak of striking vulnerability. The waves crash beside him, Yet he is smiling.

  7. Falling for Thieves

    You stole my eyes. You stole my lips. You stole my hands. And now my heart. I wake up. You’re in my arms. I wake up. You’re on my mind. Each of these situations Have made me absolutely shine. Your smile steals my eyes. My mouth keeps moving...

  8. Where We Stand

    I’m standing – alone, Distant from your smile. I don’t have a plan, But I’m staring at my hand. A thought of you flashes And my stomach begins to flutter. I look up to the past. The sky begins to shutter. Only in dreams, So it s...

  9. Sweet Dreams

    As the night grows old and the morning adorns, We say our good nights and our feelings are reborn. I close my eyes and I greet you again. We spend the night together dreaming of when We’ve loved each other like it’s the latest trend, And cuddle...

  10. Remembering to Forget

    Now I remember why my mind draws a blank When I’m sitting around with friends Reminiscing about our terrors And the days we wish we couldn’t remember. Now I remember why I throw together Self-deprecation from wherever - Everyone laughs but ...

  11. Candid Camera

    Take a snapshot of your life. Are you happy? Or in strife? What’s going right? What’s going wrong? It’s these simple questions Which move us along. No problems in sight! You made at least one choice right, And you’re smile has n...

  12. I Need a Rock (Mature)

  13. Untapped Potential

    Look down the well. What do you see? It waves earnestly - Trapped. The air is dry And your tongue is tied. But all you can do is Stare. Stare down the well. Watch it. Want it. Dream of it. You finally reach out And fall. You’ve gotten it! If onl...

  14. Broken-Winged

    Just like Icarus, We were soaring. Together. Higher than we Ever had imagined. Bliss. The flight was turbulent, But there was no stop in sight. Invincible. Until I saw you reach Into your cloaked pocket. Eager. I began to Free-fall. Confused. I looked ...

  15. The Unsent Letter

    You tore me apart without touch And avoided seeing the scars. You swore it was just temporary And you made it permanent. So I wrote you a letter. Time had passed, I put my anguish on the back-burner. Little did I know, it started a brush fire In the ba...

  16. Disappointment Appointment

    Why hello there, insert name here! I noticed the way you were acting and I thought a nice personal message would help cheer you up, my best insert title of relation to person here. Clearly, you’re undergoing what us folks call “Disappointme...

  17. Feed Me

    Feed me because I am starved. My stomach moans a tale of a deserted wasteland, Where vultures would unwillingly prey after an extensive famine. Feed me so I can see the end of a beautiful life. I cannot live without your nourishment, Which pushes me th...

  18. A Promising Breath Against Death

    I have seen death many times From more perspectives than one. It has crept around without notice, And with everyone watching, has won. Death holds much grief, Death has no plan, Death releases sorrow - All from the deck of it’s solitary hand. Dea...

  19. The Gravest Couple

    The sun was already on its daily vacation and the moment Alex was anticipating had finally arrived. This special time he spent with his girlfriend, Bella, only came once every tedious week. The bags under Alex’s eyes had become near-permanent by ...

  20. She's a Goner!

    Lydia stumbled through the admirably decorated doors of the store and onto the filthy city sidewalk. “No, not again!” she screeched. Tripping over her slack pair of jeans, she barely kept herself from taking a familiar tumble across the pav...

  21. Those 5 Seconds

    As I’m walking down the street, She nudges her friend in my direction. But as our eyes meet, It is then we shared that connection. Time slowed down, And the world was in our possession. It was in her glance That I saw my true reflection. I’...

  22. Looking Back

    As I glance right behind me, The past is sure to follow. Choking on my memories, This truth is hard to swallow. I wake up each morning With an elephant comfortably on my shoulders. For this burden I cannot shake Has left me constantly pushing boulders....

  23. The Gift of Love

    Our lives are so short In comparison to our dreams. We can either drag our feet across the floor Or reach for extremes. Life is never quite definite, So we must always show our passion, For when we are truly gone for good, The love we bestow will ultim...

  24. Move in. Move out. Move on.

    Move in – the door squeaks. You’ll take more than a peek, For this new home will not want to be outgrown. Darkness turns to light, You were up all night, Finding the secrets which were meant to be kept out of sight. Then the dust settles in...

  25. The Lovebug

    …The lovebug flies to him. The lovebug smiles. The lovebug flirts with him. The lovebug talks for a while. The lovebug likes, She’s intrigued by her prey. The lovebug loves, But these feelings will not stay. He has no time to say goodbye, ...

  26. I'm not weird.

    Strangers think I’m weird. My friends say I’m weird. And I know I can be weird. But I’m honestly not that weird, I’m just really me.

  27. Lucky You, Unlucky Me

    You win the lottery, I find a penny. You run out of ideas, I’ve got many. I was the best for you, You seemed to be the best for me. I gave you my heart, What you returned was infested with fleas. You had it all, I thought I did too. But now it seems ...

  28. Live Your Lyrics

    Bop your head, Tap your feet, Follow along, Get up out of your seat. Life is a journey, Life is a song. Play the right music, Always strum along. Compose a symphony, Play it all solo. It’s your time to thrive, Not become a hobo. It’s all an experim...

  29. Holding Back

    So much tension. So much pain. I feel so much for you, Why don’t you feel the same? All this time, It was going so well, Suddenly reality hits, And now I want to yell… Not at you, But at the world, For tricking me yet again, I hate how it un...

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