Obsession: Exposing

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“Tomorrow’s Saturday.” Jueli reminds me. Jueli and I have been talking a lot lately.

“Ugh, I know, I know.”

“So what do you think he’s up to?”

“He took extreme measures to talk to me.”

“He’s a bit unusual,”

“Just a bit, J. He’s like…”


“Not the word I was looking for, but yeah.”

“Do you know a lot about Elsewhere?”

“It’s not like I researched the place. Why?”

“Haven’t you noticed any… strange goings on around here?”

“Jared. He’s what’s strange.”

“Has it ever happened before?”

“No, just when I came here,”

“Elsewhere isn’t your regular town, Gabe.” Jueli warns,

“Or so I’ve noticed, J.”

“No, I mean it isn’t a really good place to get too involved in.”


“I mean, people here, they get attached easily. Very easily.”

“Jared for example?”

“He is exactly my point. He’s like… never mind.”

“He’s like what?”

“Too attached.”

“I think beyond, but sure.”

“So you know what I’m talking about?”

“No, not exactly. What?”

“Uh, Jared’s… obsession?”

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  1. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    awesome serious. i think i remember this from Ficlets, but i’m not positive. can’t wait to read more!

  2. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Yeah, it was an old Ficlet series. It’s going to change in a few chapters, to a new direction, but this is basically the same thing with major edits that I hadn’t done before.

  3. Avatar Mackizme

    hmm, kind of like a script or a screenplay. cool!

  4. Avatar blacksheepdances

    love the snappy dialogue! sounds real.

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