Dream of Mars

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There’s an apartment in Seoul, down the trembling alleyways of Itaewon and beside unmarked graves of dust and clay. The apartment has a kitchen, a living room area, a bedroom and a claustrophobic bathroom.

Though the fridge is always stocked and the TV is always on, nobody lives here. The only thing that feels authentic is the willow-and-jade bed snugly shoved into a bedroom’s corner. Dreaming on this bed allows a dreamer to penetrate the milky membrane between here and Mars, who now sleeps in inhospitable serenity.

Often, a dreamer will witness Mars fossilizing their planetary memory—Mars’ great trees of magnesium march against the rolling icebergs, the green flames giving the giants their name; Lemon-colored electric pixies coat the sky and fill the world with a static symphony; Oceans of glass dance with the gravity’s rainbow—they are scattering the sun as they do so…

When Mars remembers going to sleep, the dreamer will awake in a dank apartment in Itaewon, drowsy, forgetful and also wandering away.

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  1. Avatar Sz Park

    Trying to get back in touch with my writing style. I felt that I relied too much on this style, so I tried to write without it for a while. That ended up with me not doing anything, so eh.

    This is based on a (day)dream I had once, and also that Ultima game’s title. Martian Dreams? Well, anyways, nothing’s more surreal than dreams about dreams. Hope this feels just weird enough to pull it off.

  2. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    This does have a very weird sense to it, but it’s not a (dare I say it) alienating sort of weird. It’s more like it pokes the reader into thinking in a different way than (s)he’s used to, and it’s just familiar enough to make us feel comfortable, but bizarre enough to remain intriguing.

    Short form: I like muchly. ^^

  3. Avatar Devin Parker

    I loved this! The juxtaposition of an almost Lovecraftian Mars and a very specific apartment in Seoul gave this the perfect mixture of disorientation and wonder, like a good Neil Gaiman story.

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