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  1. Hari - Part 3

    And tonight is the long night. The cold freezes even the rays of sunlight flying through the iron-plated pines. The knees of the old men cease before the ages of labor. The endless lines of sad statues begin to weep red tears as the sun sets. Through t...

  2. Hari - Part 2

    But nowadays, the coldness of the world has come down to the village of Hari, cooling the hot tears of the statues. Many elders became afraid that the dokkaebis will no longer march toward the back hills, and so they did carve out more wooden faces. So...

  3. Hari - Part 1

    On the summer solstice in June, the people of Hari would cut down an old oak from the back hills in the morning. Once the sky is clear, old men in gray coats would come out with saws and axes and wordlessly begin carving out a crying face out of the Ha...

  4. The Solstices and the Wooden Faces of the Village of Hari

    하리마을 사람들은 유월 하짓날 아침에 뒷산에 서있는 고목 한그루를 베어오곤 한다. 하늘이 게면 잿빛 외투를 걸친 할아버지들이 톱과 도끼를 들고서 하리마을 고목에서 울고있는 얼굴을

  5. An Excerpt from "On the most magnificent Force of ELECTRICITY"

    …The most magnificent Force of ELECTRICITY was accidentally Discovered in 1883, by the great LORD ENGINEERS Tesla and Edison. As our History makes it clear, the Importance of ELECTRICITY was Such that daily Life was no longer the Same after its A...

  6. A Sentence

    . .. …. “……” “…………” “She is… more real than anything.” “…” “………..” ….. … .

  7. You Don't Always Need Protection

    Unintelligible scribbles around the doorknob read “Circles and Squares of Basalt, the Sign of Metatron” in a dead European language. A mixture of salt and ash encircled the bed, the north defined with a stone crucifix and southwest by a bun...

  8. Last Tiger, The

    The Last Tiger (also called the Old Smoker and Namsan’s Immortal), as the name may imply, refers to the last Siberian tiger native to the Korean peninsula. This ancient specimen has claimed to be a multi-milligenarian on multiple occasions and so...

  9. Dream of Mars

    There’s an apartment in Seoul, down the trembling alleyways of Itaewon and beside unmarked graves of dust and clay. The apartment has a kitchen, a living room area, a bedroom and a claustrophobic bathroom. Though the fridge is always stocked and ...

  10. Red

    It’s the sun crashing down on the blade edge of the horizon. It’s the resolute ray, unbending and unstopping, that springs forth from the ruby’s blood. It’s the lover’s fever dreams, incarnate in moist petals that hide ben...

  11. The Castle of Dr. Malpractice

    “And they said it could not be done.” Dr. Malpractice mumbled in a deep, deluded voice. The lowness of his speech was such that, had the thunders not been cracking outside the castle windows, it would have vibrated across the corridors and ...

  12. God and the Robots

    The robot was meant to simulate humanity. It could think. It could dream. With the right stimulus, it could wet its cheeks with saline solution, or flush them with reddish warmth. Its fingerprints and irises were deliberately implausible. They were so ...

  13. The Last Moments of the Universe

    The last moments of the universe was flat-out beautiful. Within the first 24 hours, all the sciences and all the faiths came crashing down as reality showed what it really could do, such as lighting up the night sky. A rainbow bloom spread among the st...

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