One Last Taste

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“Come on man. Just one more taste. Then you can get on that train and do whatever you want when you get there.”

He looked at the small line of white powder that had been cut up on the porcelain sink in the bathroom.

I guess one last one won’t hurt. This will be it and I can finally move and leave this life behind. Get a real job, maybe find a nice girl and start living like real people do.

He grabbed the tiny straw that had been cut into a third, moved it to his nose, bent down and snorted up the line. He quickly stood up and sniffed hard, drawing the powder through his nose and into the back of his throat. He could feel the rush almost immediately. This stuff was good. Really good.

His eyes moved back to his friend who had a big smile on his face.

“Hits you hard, don’t it?” the friend chuckled.

“Yeah it does. It really does.”

He thought again for a long moment and then looked at his friend again.

“Hey, can you maybe get me a gram. You know, just for the trip?”

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  1. Avatar Hobohemian

    Hahah, this really shows the cycle of drug addiction. I think this flows nicely and such. The only suggestion I would make is the word choice of, “I guess one last one won’t hurt.” because it doesn’t sound quite right. Nice job though, and thank you for entering.

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