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I’m just a guy, you know? I’m a boring guy with little to do who has always had a great interest in writing. I’ve never been able to do anything with it because I don’t seem to have any talent. I’m trying anyway. This site was shown to me by Wil Wheaton and his podcast, Radio Free Burrito and it looks like a great place to kill some time and help me improve.


  1. Homecoming to Ficlingtons

    The chill air of the lingering Fall blew into Cid’s face as he walked up the cobblestone walkway. Spring had officially come but it wasn’t showing it’s warm presence on this premises. Cid took several more steps and stared up in awe a...

  2. One Last Taste (Mature)

  3. Writer's Block

    There he sat again, staring at the mostly white webpage that was splashed with a hint of red up in the banner. The blinking cursor sat in the body of the story, unmoving yet again. No ideas would come to him no matter how hard he tried. He knew there w...

  4. Bottom of the Barrel

    His eyes blinked several times, trying, in vain, to focus on his surroundings. The drab, dark colored walls of this motel room didn’t help him orient himself as he lie on the bed, nearly paralyzed. Only one pale light from the bathroom, whose doo...

  5. Deal Gone Wrong

    Something wasn’t right here. It felt different. Jeff walked up to the plain, gray door of the house he’d been forced to visit, far too many times. Three quick knocks in succession, followed by a pause and one more knock. That was the code. ...

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Cid's Followers (5)

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