Obsession: Clarity

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I run.

After the principal lets us go, I run. I don’t know where I’m going, but it has to be away from here. I’ve got to get away from Jared; I have to run so he can’t catch up to me.

I end up in a different part of town, somewhere I’m not familiar with, but I know a friend that lives around here. I look for the closest food place, because I’m starving. The local diner is pretty small, so I’m seated quickly. I look at the menu when I feel someone sit across from me.

“Hello,” the voice says. Thankfully it’s not Jared, it’s Shannen, the friend that lives here.

“Hey, Shannen,” I say back with a smile. First time in a while I talk to Shannen, “what’s up?”

“Gabe, I have something to tell you,” Shannen says, her voice strong.

“Sure, go ahead,”

“It’s about… Jared,”

“Of course it is. I know he’s obsessed with me, I know I hang—”

“No, Gabe. I want to warn you, he’s dangerous!” I look at her straight in the face, speechless. She pulls down the top of her shirt a little, revealing a scar.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    how fortunate that she found him.. too coincidental.

  2. Avatar Catherine

    What kind of person is this Jared kid!?

Inspired by

No no no! He’s not, he can’t be.. unless he’s— “Gay.” I accidently say aloud. Jared shoots me a ‘what-are-you-on’ look. “Um, are you?” ...

Obsession: Revealed (2) by Mr.Gabriel

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